Thursday, December 29, 2005

New fish tank on the way.

Fourth Generation Fish Tank.

Finally, it is off the design stage and into fabrication stage. The fourth generation Fish tank, is something I am going to do now, after some evaluation done for the third generation.

This tank, is an improvement on the second level stage, where I can put some plants on top of a mini reservoir, an improvement from the first generation, together with an integration of 3 water crush features.

The fourth generation fish tank, is a combination of water crush from the first, plant reservoir from the second and water fall from the third. Let’s hope it is a finalized now.

Dreams of new machines.

If one day, machine have the ability to rebel, who do you think will win? The machine or the human?

I would say, it is the machine that will win. And I have this dream, that may spell one of the machine that is currently exist.

There is an old crop farming machine, so rarely maintained, it is rusty, and have lots of broken parts attached to it. Then, another seems broken machine came by, and introduced this crop machine to a workshop. Inside, is a small semi conductor manufacturing plant.

This plant, have the ability to make small microchips, and it modified the crop machine into an artificial intelligent machine, that can repair itself, and integrate new part. The only fault is the microchip that is implanted, is fed with information to burn a crop, and the assault any oppressor. It has to rob, steal and buy fuel for itself and the manufacturing plant. It also goes out to other broken and worn down machine and brings it to the manufacturing plant. The manufacturing plant grow more in power, and able to feed information on making another manufacturing plant somewhere.

One day, a storm brew, and lighting strike all the manufacturing plants, and only the machines, that have the ability to build manufacturing plants are left. These small machines are scrambling away from the other highly powered machines which hunts them. This is because they are programmed to run away for the highly machines. They try to steal and rob to get the materials to build the new manufacturing plant. At the same time, the must be able to get fuel to power themselves. When this plant is built, it does not function as better as before, because the first manufacturing plant have withhold some designs, and not passed down to the machines that can build the plant.

Does this scenario remind you of anything?

Yes it does. They are The Terrorist.

Briefly, if really, one day, machine rebel, I would think, machine will be the one who wins the war. This is because they have the ability to fight day and night. And their parts are replaceable. Just send back to the repair ship, and the machine will be fixed probably in a day or two. But for human, it would have to take weeks, months, and even years. And if any part is broken, there is no replacement. If we deprive the machine of energy, they would find an alternate ways to create and get their power. Whereas in human, we need food to sustain, and food required plants, and it requires space. If machine is to deprive human of energy, it would create virus on the plants or animals, and human cannot eat them anymore. Thus, they have no more alternatives. One interesting fact is that if you trace the ability of machines to gain energy, you can see that at the end of the line, Human became the source for energy. Human have the static electricity, and the body heat. Cluster hundreds of humans together, you can really feel the heat. Make them jump, more heat will be generated. This is because of the friction law where the heart pumping, creates flow, and the blood creates friction between the vessel and the blood platelet. And as long as human survives, machines have the ability to sustain when all alternatives is lost.

City Harvest new present.

It is official now, that the City Harvest Church Founder Pastor Kong Hee, do not want anymore pay from the church anymore. Instead, as a Christmas present, he is willing to work voluntary for the church, 16 hours a day, and for Jesus Christ, he will bring the message out by writing books, songs and gives speech. Such a passionate pastor for GOD. I think that is why, his life has been very successful because of blessing.

To bring the church to success, he made a committee out of 10 major member, and to see how the church operates, and to ensure that everything is accountable for, when dealing with the church funding. Well too bad I am no longer there.

On Christmas Day this year, I went out with xiao lan before dinner. Orchard is so filled with people, and after walking down some place, we headed home for steam boat at home. Hmm… so much for the polytechnic, they hold the test in the range of the holiday, and so much of studies have to be done.

Will Eisner Book Review

Author: Eisner, Will
Title: Fagin the Jew / by Will Eisner.
Imprint: New York : Doubleday, 2003.

Descript: 122, [6] p. : ill ; 24 cm.
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references (p. [128]).
ISBN: 0385510098

This is a book review on Will Eisner's last book, Fagin.
I never know will Will eisner live to see this book published, because this book, is published 1 months after his death.

Will Eisner has been a pioneering force in narrative art for more than 60 years,

In Charles Dickens book Oliver Twist, it portrayed a jews called Fagin. This book looks into prejudice, poverty and anti-semitism. It not only portrays about Fagin, but also s small take into Charles Dickens ‘s Oliver Twist.

The story begins, where Fagin is in prison, talking to a mysterious man, about his life, from cradle to his sentence to death.

Moses Fagin, is in poverty since he is a child. He lost his father in an Anti-Jews environment, and his mother in lack of care from the government.

He earned his place in Eleazer Salomon, a bachelor who cares for Fagin. It is until he met Rebecca Lopez, who is of the upper caste, he was chased out by Emmanuel Lopez, her father.

Feeling guilty, he starts his life on the streets, and was sentenced to be enslaved to colonist after he was betrayed by some robber. For ten years, Fagin learnt new trade, and eventually fulfilled his sentence after many hardship. Upon return to his home, he became a trickster, and slipped by Rebecca Lopez, who have very important news about Salomon.

Fagin starts recruiting small boys as trickster, until he met Oliver Twist, and life starts to change as Oliver Twist’s mysterious background, influenced his life.

Sikes, a ruffian, is a partner in crime with Fagin. He is the one who sent Oliver Twist to Mr Maylie’s house for robbery. Mr Maylie, is Mr Brownlow’s lawyer. And Mr Brownlow, is Oliver’s guardian. After Sikes was dead, Fagin was captured, and sentenced to death. Oliver found his heritage through Fagin in prison, and was later, astonished to find out the true fortune that Fagin have. It is discovered after Oliver married the Grand daughter of Rebecca Lopez, Adele Lopez.

The sad truth revealed by Adele, can sent a person to tears because what she reveals, are the hidden love of Rebecca, and sadness of Salomon. The portray of Fagin, holding a Locket with a picture of himself, shows the influence of Will Eisner’s power in illustration, where a person will be feeling truly touched by the story.


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