Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pioneer, DVR630HS DVD recorder

Christmas is coming
Hmm… When there is a call for charity, what would you give? Some used cloth? Or softstuff bears, or food, due to expire in 2 weeks time?

No kidding. This is what was reported some years back, and the charity are asking people not to donate these kind of stuff.

In today, the scenario is different. This is what I encountered with a salvation army donation box in one of a well established condominium. On a certain day, the salvation army put a red bin, asking residents to donate any meaningful things, meant for the under privileged people. They are going to leave it there, and collect on another day.

As I was swimming, I saw some couple, and old lady, just go to the bin, open up, and see what is it inside. And then they close the cover. One thing struck to me. Are they looking for good stuff? Or thinking whether the bin is full?

After my bath, I was sitting on the bench nearby, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There is a lady, who looks wealthy, go to the bin, and search through, and then, pick up some items, and walk away. Next comes another couple, just open up the lid, and then, the girl said she like that, and the man beside, just dig in, and took out the things, meant for the salvation army. What is the world going to? Hmm….I really now know why there are left rugged items in the bin. Usually, people put it in, and another, just pick up the best and walk away, leaving the spoilt for the salvation army. This is really sad to see that a person, so rich to live in a condominium, doesn’t have the money to buy the essentials, and have to dig into the salvation army bin to get the items. It is what the bible said before. Seven fat cows, eaten by seven thin cows.

Video spoilt.
This is it, one of my videos broke down. Well. So much for that. The video have been with me for many years, and well, after it breaks down, I got the chance to go out to find a new item called DVD recorder. Ha ha. It is a recorder, and using hard disk to record the shows. I have to go through many brands, and to study the usage and apart from number of time slots, and power consumption, I also look for the capacity, the amount it can record. The only one I see, is a pioneer DVR630HS. Yup. This set, have 455hours of recording, and it supports digital audio. I go it in courts. Yup. And one thing to note, during my sourcing, I can see the sales, only goes to the one who dress well looking, and not bothering the one, who dress casual (Me). I was in one shop, and when I ask the technical aspect of a model, the sales just speak like he is thinking I am not going to buy it. And then, another customer came by, and his face is full of bright smile, and speaks to him. I was so disgusted, that I left the shop and don’t bother to consider other brand.

COURTS Superstore
When I went to courts, there was at first, no sales person, and then I ask a sales person nearby, and ask him. He commented that the sales person incharge of DVD recorder is not around. And ask me if I have any question. When he was stuck, he go and ask another person nearby. After seeing the other don’t know the answer, one of them call up the sales person in charge over the mobile, and he came immediately. He was very knowledgeable and knows the other brands features as well. So I pick out the DVD recorder, and he ask another person to pack it up. Anyway, after sourcing from other shop, the Courts is the cheapest price, and that is why, I buy that model at courts.

Well, so much for that.


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