Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One Month without job

Yup, it is already, one month, without a single job, nor an interview.

hmm...Everytime when I was disapointed, I would reminded of some words from the holy one, and Amory, he sent me an article, which is one month of anniversary of my self employment.

It said that GOD, have a purpose, and when no hope is there, I still must have faith, because it is the most powerful tool as Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

Here is an article, I would like to share, about JOB, the man, who despite being cursed, and so down on, did not speak of a ord against GOD. I wanted to have that too.

Thanks Dixon.

The hedge

Job was a "perfect and upright" man -- a real saint -- and as such he was providentially protected by a "hedge" of angels (Psalm 34:7 and Hebrews 1:14), and the sheltering love of God. Yet no true servant of the Lord escapes the eye of the adversary. Satan and his hosts are constantly seeking to trap us and hinder us as we walk the pilgrim pathway to the City of God. Nothing, however, can harm us or come inside the hedge unless God allows it. We are guarded on all sides by His presence, for He is before us (Isaiah 48:17); behind us (Isaiah 30:21); to the right of us (Psalm 16:8); to the left of us (Job 23:9); above us (Psalm 36:7); underneath us (Deuteronomy 33:27); and -- in this dispensation -- even within us (1-Corinthians 3:16). When things which seem adverse happen to us, we must recognize immediately that they come to us with divine permission and definite purpose.

A pastor and true child of God, was once extremely ill. In his weakened condition, he was severely attacked by the evil one. "I have had a terrible conflict with the enemy today," he said in his quaint way. "The devil said, "Thou hast been my enemy all thy life, and now I have thee fast, and now I shall have my revenge on thee on the deathbed." "And what did you say to him then, pastor?" said a friend who had called to comfort him. The old man raised himself upon one elbow and with a loud and vigorous voice exclaimed, "I said, 'devil, the Lord hath put a hedge about me, and thou canst not touch me." "What did the evil one say to that?" asked his friend. "Nothing!" replied the old gentleman. "The old serpent just fled, and I fell into a peaceful sleep!" From that moment the pastor had no further doubts, for he recognized his divine security and protection.

In God's care we too can be at peace, for He keeps "the hedge."

Our God hath given promise --
And His grace for this hath planned:
His child shall rest securely
In the hollow of his hand.

"When God allows extraordinary trials, He also prepares for His people extraordinary comfort."

Hast not thou made an hedge about him?
Job 1:10


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