Thursday, December 22, 2005

Quarrel in the neighbourhood

Yesterday night, there is a quarrel in my neighbourhood. It's 2 storey right on top of me.
The man is like drunk, and he came home aand shout very loudly. Then the wife screaming, and the children are crying.Almost everyone in the neighbourhood woke up and hear them some even shout to them to keep quiet.

Oh gosh, it is such frightening, cos relationship are at stake, when a couple shouts. This is more serious if there is a fight involved.

One thing came to mid, is that, how come nowadays there are no more peace maker. In the olden days, whenever a family quarrel, usually the neighbour, would come and talk sens out of it. And then peace will come upon them. But now, in the society today, instead of going to the troubled neighbour to be a peacemake, they just call up the police, and let them handle it. Is this what the urbanisation done to us, the people of the world?

This is one book I read, maybe I should put this book review, so that many others can read.

Author: Eisner, Will
Title: A Contract with God and other tenement stories
Imprint: New York : DC Comics, c1996.

Descript: 181 p. : chiefly ill. ; 23 cm.
Contents: A Contract with God -- The street singer -- The super -- Cookalein.
ISBN: 1563896745 (pbk.)

A Contract with GOD is collecton of realistic illustrated stories based on Will Eisner’s memory in New York in the 1930s.
The 4 stories are about lives and dreams
in Bronx tenement.

In the first story, Frimme Hersh made a contract with GOD, and lost his adopted daughter, Rachele. He throws the contract, and built an empire with bonds entrusted to him by the synagogue. He finds no happiness in his empire and eventually dies with his empire destroyed.

The street singer:Ronald Barry, a street singer found a star opportunity with a Diva by chance during the great depression. He blew it when he failed to recall where the Diva live.

The Super: Mr Scuggs is a Super in 55 Dropsie. He is a man filled with lust. And it is lust that cost him his life.

Cookalein: When Summer arrives, tenants go to cookalein for vacation. There, the singles look for wealthy husbands or wives and couples commit adultery. When summer ends, they return back to the sanctuary of the tenement.


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