Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Time for celebration~!

A new job is found.

Yup, after more than a month of searching, I have finally found new job, as a store operator.

Hmm…. It is a really low salary job, even goes down to 3 digit. But well, I hope to learn something out of it.

It is really hard to find an engineering job. This is because there are a lot of new graduates out there, working, and some willing to make only a peanut out of it, just for the experience. So to me, in my opinion, there is no rush for it. Rather than to fit myself tightly into the environment, I would like to have a job that suits my need.

4th Generation water filter.
It is I the design stage, the fourth attempt to improve the upper level filter. I am now trying to get rd of that mysterious leaking of water, and make a new improvement. And to make the biological filter, consume smaller volume of water.

Skinner and more skinner
This is in the field of the bloggers. It is reported in the newspaper, yesterday, tha there are some bloggers, who have developed a sickness, tha make a person dislike food, and wanted to get only bones in their body.

There are some people, who find this amazing, and are proud of it. They take the pride of not eating, and a small amount of food they would feels very guilty, and would punish themselves, to get the food out of their body. Some don’t even drink water. I really hope they would continue to eat and be happy people.

The Pharaoh’s curse.
Twilight Zone, is re-telecast again. The feature of the week, the Pharaoh’s curse. It is a magic that any magician are looking forward to learning it. This magic is only performed by only 1 magician once, and it is passed to the younger generation.

A young apprentice, claims to know the secret way behind performing the magic, finds out the real trick of moving between two chamber, and finds himself unable to perform it, because it is only the one who came up with this magic, knows how to performs, and he keeps the youth of the partner in performance.


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