Thursday, January 05, 2006

New year, 2006

New technique using blog
I have learnt to use the blog, to control one of my website. Well, I intend to show you all, my fish tank past development. To let you know my fish tank more, since I have been dribble all about it. This is the zero versions. The very beginning, before the large fish tank came into place. The zero version is just a small tank, which does not evolve with the clean-room technology. It is the beginning of my fish keeping hobby.

Zero Version
This version, consist of two tank. The larger is the main tank, and the smaller, is only the small cichlid This is because that fish is very vicious, and will chase other fish. And to make the two tank shares the same filtration, a pipeline, carries polluted water into the filtration bottle, where water is filtered. And then, it is discharged into the small tank. And from the small tank, two pipeline, using natural negative pressure technique, suck the water out from the small tank, and into the large tank. In this wat, I only have to switch one 1 pump, and saves money on pump. The blue lights, are the cooling fan. They mimic the cooling tower, to cool down the temperature. In the first version, this fan will be taken out, because improvement is been taken to cool down the water by cool tower, the electronic way.
Reading on fishies
I am now into reading books for fishie. This is called Practical Fish-keeping(PFK) and Tropical Fish.

Basically, I am reading PFK for stuff like how to maintain the tank water. It seems that there is a trend where, there are dyed fish coming out into the market. Some of them are the dyed glass fish or dyed Cory. I personally owned some dyed glassfish, but after read how the colors are added to the glassfish, I think I will give dyed glass fish a skip next round.

One of the thing pointed out by PFK is that in proportion to the size of fish, and if we take a human as an example, the size of the needle is equivalent to the size of a pencil, which is used to inject the dye into you. I feel really sad for the fish. And so is the PFK, and they are setting up a petition for all shop owner, to refrain from importing dyed fish. As an owner for few glass fish, I was at first, curious, when I saw the colors in the glassfish dropped. Initially, I thought the colors are a natural to them, but after 2 weeks or so, the colors faded, and I went to the fish shop to ask why does the color fades, and is there anyway to put the colors back. I actually thought the fish was sick or something, that is why, the colors fades. And to think I took a sample of the water and have a check to see what is wrong. It is only after I read from the PFK, that I realized that the fish have to undergo an injection, in order to get the colors. After reading that article, I think it would be wise not to get colored fish. This is because the colors will fade, and secondly, it is not natural. It is sad, to see that it would appeal to kids, where they think the colored fish, is cute to look at, but not knowing how the fish feels.

The two magazines, Tropical fish and PFK, are very informative either on the species of the tropical aquarium and marine aquarium. As for marine aquarium, I can just see how beautiful it is, but I am more into tropical fish.

Upcoming terrorist exercise
I was reading up on the Straits Times, and I find one post by a person writing to the forum, very strange. It appears that anytime now, in somewhere of Singapore, there will be an explosion, a large scale terrorist exercise. And because the public are only advised not to panic, and they did not mention the date and time, this lady wrote to the press, and asking what should they do, if the real terrorist happens?

The obvious answer to that is in that event, we should treat it as real terrorist attack then. It is like an exercise turned real, in that event. After all, we are putting this anti-terrorist exercise into act, because we want to be prepared, and the government wants to see how the public would react to it. It really is no use telling the time and date, and everyone shuns the area, when that happens. This has happened before. The government set up emergency water ration exercise, they notify the public, and everyone shuns from it, and goes into long trip, and stays in the coffee shop center. In the end, the exercise seems to be a waste of money, and the time of the civil servants. In the event when we are shortage of water, and there is a ration around, everyone will sure come out, and the civil defense will have not prepared for that reaction.

Police Police
One civil servant who will be the most busy is the Police force manning the phones. I am very sure, on that very moment when there is a terrorist exercise going on, there will be many many members of the public, starts dialing 999 and tell the police about it. And everyone around that area, will not be able to use the phone, as the telephone network was clogged.

Foam Spray
This is a not a new item, but there are member who points this out in the Straits Times and TODAY newspaper. During the new year, many party goers starts spraying the foam. And one of the member commented that the guys will gather at a group, and sprays at a girl, and molest her. And after she had her eyes cleared, the guys would be mingled and disappeared into the crowd. I have personally foreseen this. And that is why, I went to the esplanade Park, 3 hours before hand, to get the front spot. Firstly, Xiaolan can get to see the firework, first hand, and secondly, there won’t be any distraction, because the people will spray the foam, and disrupt the view. And thirdly, I don’t have to lift my fist at the one who molest xiaolan.

I personally sees it after leaving, that a group of youngsters, spraying foam at the face and eye of a foreigner, who was in the esplanade. The poor foreigner is not able to fight back, because he can’t create trouble, and it is a new year celebration. But what the youngster did, is really like a racism act. I could only shake my head…


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