Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New $2 Currency

New Notes
Last week, I was going to the market to buy some food for dinner at night, when I heard from the 938 Live, that the banks are exchanging new currency for the two dollars note. I went to the bank to change the money, to the new $2 notes.


After I have changed it, I can feel that the pressure of having so much money in my pocket. It is like you can be robbed any time. As for my dressing, I was dressing in ragged form, so no one may be able to see that I am any of those people who do a large bills in the bank. I asked for an envelope, and was told to put in the money myself. Hmm…. This may be for a security reason.

Anyway, everyone have to be careful, and take note of anyone who follow them. Did you know? There is a kind of dung organization, who actually stands outside the bnk, and then spread the dung at the back, then another would come and snatch the bag away. This happens in KL, according to The Straits Times, and now, they are moving to Singapore, where there is the similar incident in the 16th December, 2005 outside a bank in shenton way. One way to note, is to know who is following, and avoid small alley, or alone.

Hershey Chocolate Bar

I just went to NTUC, and bought a chocolate. A Hershey Milk Chocolate with cookie. Did you know that there is a lot of work made into produce a Hershey? I watched a documentary before, about how the chocolate is made. And it really is smooth, thin and tasty. Not many shops sells Hershey. Maybe it is because it is expensive. But Hershey, to me, is really most tasty, and it could be because it is thin. And since it is thin, yet it is strong.

Woodlands Spectrum
Last Sunday, I went with Xiao Lan to Woodlands Spectrum. It is an industrial building, and I can tell you that in the 6th storey, you can see many things, as far as to the Johor Bahru. We spent some time admiring the view. It is sad that I did not bring the binocular to watch the entire scenery. Woodlands Spectrum is a huge building owned by Jurong Town Council, and it is specialize in renting buildings to those company dealing with machinery. As for the labor source, the housing is just next to it. There is the housing quarters for all the foreigners, and it is very tightly secured. Anyway, I just went there for a view.

Title: The building
Author: Eisner, Will.
Publisher: New York : DC Comics, [2000].
Physical Description: 80 p. : chiefly ill. ; 28 cm.
Series Title: The Will Eisner library
Notes: Originally published: Princeton, Wis. : Kitchen Sink, 1987.
"A graphic novel about the life and death of a city building"--Cover.

This is a book review for The Building, by Will Eisner. Well, I like to read his book, because, if you pause to think about the stuff he is trying to say, it can be really meaningful. It speaks of the current situation we are in, somehow or rather.

Every buildings, have a lifespan, just like a human being. Man makes it happens, and add live into it, without our presence, either outside the building, or inside the building. This building, before it is demolished, 4 people have devoted their life into this building. Will Eisner, out of genius, illustrate how these 4 people made an impact to it. They are: Monroe Mensh, Gilda Greene, Antonio Tonatti and P.J. Hammond.

Monroe is a man, who minds his own business. One of the “Invisible” The kind of a person, who shut his mind out of the outside world. Not a care in the world. One day, a small kid died in front of him. He starts to wake up, and devotes his life into charity, and wanted to save children away from harm. He died saving one of the kid, who is in need of blood transfusion.

Gilda is a beauty, who looks up to a poet. They met outside the building every week on Wednesday and have lunch. Then, Gilda broke the news, that she is going to marry Irving, a dentist whom she met in the workplace. When Benny the poet, knows of the news of Gilda’s marriage, he continue to see her, and so does Gilda. It is like a love which cannot be fulfilled. When Gilda dies, Benny did not know. He starts confronting Irving, and confesses his love for Gilda. Sadly, Gilda has died because of illness. Benny, is so devastated, and remains to be in love with Gilda, and eats his lunch alone every Wednesday outside the building.

Antonio is a violin player, who lives in pension, after an accident rendered him a handicapped. Antonio is not a man of musical professional, but he plays outside the building everyday. He even played for Gilda and Benny, though they never communicate. When there is a quarrel exist outside the building, Antonio plays his violin in a way, that restores love. And his music can turn the weak into a strong and confident person. In one way, Antonio developed a connection with the building, and when the building is dying, so is Antonio’s health. When the building is tore down and a new building erected, Antonio is no longer be seen.

P.J. is a very successful real estate owner to the. He learns to be like his father in the real estate, and starts gaining power in an aim to be a Hammond Center. When he got the strip, he have one problem. He cannot get the building at the intersection. He is reminded of the life he had before, with his father at the building. He was refused by Etons. Etons owned that building, and it is the last building they have. Therefore, they refuse to sell the building. P.J. tries many ways to get the building, and when he got it, he is too obsessed in it, and forgets about his aim to be a Hammond center. When he lost grip of all his other estate, he was left with one building left. It is too old, that it have to be tear down. P.J. have no choice, but to sell this building, and jump off from it. When the building is rebuilt, it is named after P.J. The Hammond Building. And so it starts a new life


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