Monday, January 23, 2006


Xiaxue Have you visited this blog? It really have a lot of exposure to the media. And Thoguh she was reported to be a celebrity, I never see her before. But anyway, this is not the point.

The point of mentioning xiaxue, is because of some comments I read from her blog. Some were really like telling other people how to grow up or something. But I think Xiaxue really stand up to her right. We can read, and just see what is it that we learnt, and should not have as she quotes: Asking a porn star to wear he cloth. As a blogger myself, I won’t want people to leave nasty remarks as well. Jokes are acceptable, and should be taken lightly. The comments are like trying to get the law enforcer to get into the site, and arrwst her. Oh duh. I hope she will turn up alright. And I do like her blog sometime, because it speaks of a person’s life, and have lots of interesting topics to talk about.

I got a job now. It is working in the service sector. Oh boy Oh boy, I hope I can keep this job stable. You know, the previous two company I work in, simply ran out of job for me to do. Oh duh.

The Feet and Jesus
As I was bathing, I would just simply, remembers a work that Jesus did to the disciples. He washes the apostle’s feet. This is really meaningful. When you are given massage, which part of the body is the most relaxing?

It’s the Feet. Somehow, the feet, when you apply massage to it, it is the most sensational part of the body, when compared to head or back, or any other part. Jesus knew, even before the establishment of massage parlor. And there is also, another catch. You cannot give a better massage than yourself. You cannot get the sensation feeling, if you apply the massage on yourself. You have to let others do it. And there is a medical point in it.

It is the Brain. In the lower part of the brain, near to the spine, is a fail-safe mechanism. It stops the muscle from applying too much pressure, when it feels the pain. It is like a feedback, stopping the muscle from applying more force. And there it is, you cannot have the massage feeling no matter how hard you try it. Well, when a second party does it, just like Jesus did it, there is no feedback signal. Well, I hope the brainac will do an experiment on it as well.


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