Friday, September 15, 2006

Shutting Down Old Microsoft Windows Home Edition

Discovered and Rectifying
Yesterday, as I was watching the PC closely, I discovered 2 spyware, trying to opening. I map out the way the programs work, and traced to one source. It all lies to the installation CDs, for the desktop.
When I bought this PC, it doesn't comes with a Microsoft Windows installation. All subsequent installation is done through Rescue and Recovery. Unknown to me, the host PC that writes the backup is itself infected with at least one spyware. This is because ever since I installed an additional hard drive, the subsequent installation always comes with a problem, and it is hard to trace, because the spyware are running in the background. Each time the Microsoft Windows is shutting down, it always displayed the pop-up window saying one of the program failed to initialise.
When the PC is idling, I observed that the hard disk and the CPU is constantly running.
As there is no Microsoft Windows installation, I gotta buy one, and not getting through the installation CDs provided by the vendor. So when you buy a new PC, insist on the Windows ORIGINAL installation CD.
BUY Original
What would come to mind when you are to buy a software CD? Would you buy a pirated CD, or an Original CD?
I would buy the Original CD. Some may complain that the Original Microsoft CD costs 10 or 30 times more than the pirated CD(With reference to Microsoft Windows XP Professional).
What makes me buy Original Windows CD. Hmm.... I like a full control of the program. Because when using Pirated CD, many are using the same product Key. And when the product key is said to be counterfeit, all the subsequent updates are disabled, and the user have to look for a new one, leaving the PC vulnerable to hackers and the cyber punks. Sometime, Microsoft have to give thanks to the cyber punks also, because without them, there is no need to come up with new patches
One friend said I am stupid to buy the Original CD, when he have a pirated Installation CD. I don't think he have a point, because during installation, the windows have to be validate, and if there is no black and white certificate on the product key, defendent is lost.
OEM Vs Full version
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a version of windows XP. For this version, when the Windows is installed into the PC, that Windows program will be fully dedicated to that particular PC. If other people uses the same CD, and the product Key to install on another machine, they will find the windows will not start up, because OEM is a use and forget installation. Only your computer can use that Windows software. The saying goes:"OEM Windows die with the PC" The PC die, that Windows dies with it. OEM windows cannot be transfered, and that is why, it cose 3 time less than full version (With price reference to Windows Professional XP).
Full version Windows refers to the Windows can be installed on a new PC if you plan to discard the Old PC, and buy a new one. The main disadvantage of using Full version is: Microsoft is constantly developing a new version of windows. How long can a Windows program last? Unless the full version can automatically update over the internet, lets say from XP to vista, without a further purchases, it would have a draw on it. But given the consequence that Vista requires a special customised equipment, as quoted in the Microsoft Website, I would recommand buying an OEM, if I owned only one PC. And if I have two, I would buy two OEM, because of the license involved. Full version are for those who constantly changing a new machine every month, or year. With reference to Windows 95 to the current XP, within 10 years, the software have undergo 4 changes of windows version (Windows 95 to Windows 98 to Windows ME to Windows XP to Windows Media), and in the 12th year, Windows Vista will be out. So to computer geeks who can maintain a good PC, and have knowledge in controlling Windows software without the need of technical support, I think OEM version is a better choice.


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