Wednesday, September 13, 2006

PC is Up and Running

It have been a long long time since I add an entry to Blogspot.
Well, things cropped up, and I encounter unstability in my PC.

As you know, I have 3 Hard disk, and one of the hard disk is a Hitachi hard disk. and this Hitachi hard disk is very noisy when it is seeking, unlike the Seagate hard disk.

You know, if you mount the Seagate hard disk tight, it will not make a sound when it is seeking. and to make it better, it have NCQ sequencing, which makes it work faster.

I went to buy this 320 Seagate hard disk, which I find it worthwhile for the value for money. I tried doing partitions, and transfer the files over. To my dismay, it encounters a lot of problem, trying to copy the entire hard disk. The Norton utility cannot do it, and so is the discwizard offered by Seagate. I came across many difficulity, and the most idiot thing is I make a lot of partitions, that I lost track of it. Imagine splitting up many partition, and then realised that if I want to extend the hard disk space, unless I have partition magic from Symantec, it would be a disaster. Cos each time the partition is changed, I have to format the whole hard disk, and all the management are keep track by Norton's Goback.

Second thing is the hard disk is so huge, which is 250GB + 320GB + 320GB = 890GB. A partition made up of 7 parts, and I was actually got confused about all of them.

In the end, I forget about the partitions, and re-format all three hard disk to hold only 1 partition ion one hard disk. This will make things easier, and also easy to expand them, if I manage them in folders, I can move them around easily.

Well, with 3 hard drives, I can set one hard drive to manage all the backup files created by Norton Ghost.

Two days ago, my com was infected by a virus, and things just got worse, that I have to use the last resort by restoring the entire system with the backup files.

Sometime, you can just see how Norton Ghost saves the life of the PC, because it is easy to use. and one thing to note, it is better for me to use the independent recovery point. This is because the backup can shift from one hard drives to another. Well, it actually works better for me.

As for how the virus file came into the system, it is very stupid of me. I left the Norton internet security running in the learning mode. During the learning mode, it allows programs to access for 7 days. During the 7 days, this virus can come in. The first shocking is it says my subscription for the antivirus is disabled, and when I got into the net, it sends emails like rockets. I have to figure it out fast, and in the end, I have to erase the whole hard disk, and restore it back with a backup that is 2 days old.

Sometime, we have to curse the internet punk who write those strange programs. After that, I pick up a book, Home networking for Dummies by Kathy Ivens (ISBN0-7645-0857-1). The book explaines of a way to test the firewall through a website. It is a professional website created just to allow users to test how vulnerable their network system is. As expected, after tested, I found my internet is fully protected by the internet security.

It is a difficult process just to restore the whole system from scratch. If not for the Norton Ghost, I may not be able to come on line soon.

How many people have done backup? Some uses tapes, CDs, and very few will try my method, that is using hard disk. With 3 hard disks, I got 1 hard disk specially designated to store the backup data of the remaining 2 hard disk.

Xiao Lan's Birthday
Tomolow is xiao lan's birthday, I will get some stuff ready, and what is left, are cakes and the dinner place. As for present, ha ha, she never know what I got her.


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