Sunday, September 17, 2006

Visiting to My Dream in Singapore Expo

My Dream 2006

My Dream, In Singapore Expo with Xiao LanOn the 15th, I went to the Singapore Expo, to watch the show called My Dreams 2006. It is a show by China’s Handicapped people. In this show, all of the performances are handicapped people; yet, they are willing to pick themselves and learn to perform in all over the world. It is a very spectacular show that they travels around the world to perform.

In the first, it is a team of 21 hearing handicapped people performing with great orientation, that looks like the hands are controlled by only one person.

There is also a performance by a man, whose hands are electrocuted and have to be amputated. Without hands, he uses his legs to replace his hand. Then he is able to wear shirt, take water from the well, and all things just like a normal human with arms.

There are a lot of people attending, and when I was walking to the Hall 9 of the Singapore Expo, we are like a fish dropped in the river of men. Everyone was going so large of number, that there is a need for traffic control. Many of the people drives there.

As for me, I takes the train, and the station is already fully packed.

No Toilets Available

The female toilets does not seems to be enough. This is because when I reached there, there are a lot of ladies queuing up for the toilets all over the Expo. This is also the same for the male toilet. What is frustrating is that there are some toilet that are remained locked. I was lucky I went to the loo before I go to Expo, otherwise, I sure have to find a bush.

The performance can be better when it is performed in places designed for such an event. The Singapore Expo, is designed for exhibition, yet, the organizer change it into a theatre. Somehow the sound system is not very good, because there are a lot of interferences. When they shows the video clips of the places they do the performance, we can compare and shake our head seeing the place we held this event. It is a big different because everywhere they visit are grand, and there are famous people featured. Yet when we take a look behind and the surrounding, It looks not so grand, with the chair that looks like 20 dollar from ikea.

On returning home, the station is again very packed, and I can only whine when I was taking the train back home. It is very far. Why do they hold such an international event in hall 9 of the expo, which is very very far away from the train station?

PC ok

My PC is finally up and running quite smoothly now. So anytime I can do whatever I want with my PC. Currently I am planning to take one day out, to make another offline hard drive. Just to back up all the datas.


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