Thursday, September 21, 2006

End of IMF

Bye bye IMF Delegates~

After some intense days of preparing, and executing the IMF in Singapore, We are indeed very honoured to hear the IMF comittee say that Singapore is the best place to be choosen to hold the annual IMF meeting. It is a pity that the next IMF 2007 will be held in the United States of America (GOD BLESS AMERICA).

Although it is the first time ever since independence of Singapore that the IMF is held in Singapore, it does not let its guard down, especially the safety of the guests.
Tight securityDuring those days, there are a hugh amount of security standing by in case of any attack. Everyone is subjected to checks, and special buses chartered for the IMF delegates are arranged with at least one police officer to ensure that they are safe. What laid disgrace is the determination of one man, the one who tries to run a country with lack of obedience. I am especially ashame of the man who intend to hold a march rally to the Suntec where the IMF is held, only to be stopped by several numbers of policer officers. Together with his sister, he intend to shame Singapore with his crazy way of thinking. I sometime really question his loyality to Singapore, and how can we let such a man loose out in the street?

New Job

As for me, I have started my new job a a technician in another building. Currently, I am trying to get my way around the place first. And in this building, I really opened my eyes very big, because I have seen huge machines, and some of them are high tech equipments. I am trying to pick up new skills, such as trying to connect a three phase motor, and learning another yet new lines of cooling system.

Motorised Ventilation

Today, I was walking through the building, trying to locate some of the Motorised ventilation in the buildings. These are essential equipments, because without motorised ventilation, a building can be very stuffy inside.


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