Friday, September 29, 2006

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

How much do you know about Kitchen's Exhaust Fan?

I have been to a restaurant, to service a kitchen exhaust fan. 4 exhaust fans, to be precise. I cannot imagine that it actually took 2 days, just to maintain 4 fans. And these fans are gigantic fans, and the filters are also awesome.

Unlike my previous workplace, this new workplace's maintenance follows a tight schedule. Every months, there is at least one check on the equipment, every single one of them.

Kitchen Air Must be processed

I was told to service one exhaust fan, and after I went up for the first time, I can't imagine how thick the cooking oil can be. Have you seen a really saturated fat? The viscosity is so thick, I can say it is twice the viscosity of a motor car engine oil. The space is also very constraint, and I got 2 scratches on my back, courtesy of the stud bolts. After servicing these exhaust fans, I am glad that this restaurant really cares about how the exhaust air are processed before discharged out into the environemtn.If I am in the old kitchen, the kitchen sure would never go through such a trouble, and discharge the air directly into the environment.

Saadiah, the housekeeping

The photo I am posting today is a photo I took with a housekeeper in the previous employment. She is a very capable housekeeping executive, and her workers are very loyal and attentive when she delegates job to them. I remember two of her worker running to her from the top floor, because she needs help in carrying something heavy. In other place, unless it is of great urgency would a worker run to the supervisor. But without any such urgency, her workers are still willing to run, and it shows how much loyal is she to the. The pity side is that the high authority do not sees it, and the head of department bombard her dailywith the ever changing taskdaily. It is like yesterday I want the chair to be her, today I want the chair to here, and tomolow I wan the chair to be on the top floor.

A Difficult Superior who can't make up his mind.

Can you imagine how difficult to work when there is such a superior? After I have left, she is still stuck in the old place, facing the music everyday. As for me, I could only pray for her to get a new job soon, so that her life could continue to go on. I have been under another superior, who cannot make up his mind. And when things is indecisive, He would bring up the Ministry, as a shield. Sometime, I really wonder how true is his research, because the things he said is often difficult to understand. A very good "taichi" master.


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