Saturday, September 23, 2006

High 5 Bread

High 5 Scams.

Are you one of the receipient who got the email, saying one of the High 5 bread factory was under investigation, for unhygienic environment?

This email will show you the pictures of the malaysian police and the staff, inspecting the High 5 factory.

I find the environment is really gross, but, as the identity source of the photos and email is unknown to me, I discarded it.

I discard it is because the photos may not be true, and I only believe my own eyes. I have been to some factory before, as a working staff. One of them is the F & N Foods , Meiji Foods and many other food factory.

The health and cleaniness if these production factory is clean and if there is any pest running around, everyone would stop the work and kill it, and then disinfect the environment. That is why, I go for Daisy Hi-Lo milk. Because the equipment are cleans everyday before and after production.

The Food Industry

Although the place is Malaysia, I do not critise the food industry, because they are trying to feed us. And in the case of malaysia press, you should know that they are going to become like the Hong Kong press. A lot of uncertain information. You can read from the newspaper there and find that a lot of the stories are made up, and inaccurate. As for Singapore side, if it is real, they woudl report it.

I have recently mastered how to upload photos into the internet now. Yup Before that, I have to go through my web site, and the allocated capacity is really low.

I hope I can put a photo every time I blog. This is my PC, how it look like. All word and no pictures, sure make u confused of how a computer unit can house 15 fans.

Image of Lenovo Desktop, modified
15 FANS in Desktop

Yes, you heard that right, 15 fans. How the 15 fans manages to get through the PC?

On to of it, there are already 8 fans on top, and each of the 3 hard drives have one fan, one fan for the power supply, one fan for the processor, 2 fan for the graphic card.

Near to the rear of the PC, it is a 2 layer of fans. The reason why it is 2 layer, is that it is a hot spot, where hot air rises directly from the processor. In order to create a high suction pressure on that zone, additional layer is added, so that the suction pressure would be higher.

Power Supply

The power are directly tapped from the power supply. So when the Unit starts, the fans will start with it. When it stops, the fan will be switch off automatically. So there is no need for additional wiring, and power adaptor.

Because the Lenovo 3000 series desktop have ventilation on the sides and front, I can uses these technique for ventilation. And because Lenovo is a new brand, I decided to try it out, after a very bad experience of using a HP product.
Of course, the standard top panel of the desktop does not have any holes. I have to remove the top cover, and send it to a stamping press factory to have the holes made. and because of the machine, it created some scratch mark, and the cover have to be spraypaint, to protect the aluminium, otherwise, it would oxidise.


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