Monday, October 09, 2006

Motor Control

Training and retrain

Last Week, While I was working, one of my colleague came and told me that I was to attend a last minute conduct training session.

It is a training programme for the workers, to upgrade themselves with a new skill. In my case, it is a skill on Motor Control. It is conducted in Ang Mo Kio, by a company called Schneider Electric.


Schneider Enectric is a company that have been providing us with switches and a motor drive called Variable Speed Drive. It is not a cheap course, and I can see the company have high hope for me.

Apart from supplying Variable speed drives, they supply Programmable Logic Control, Sensors, and High Tension Bus Bar.

In the three day course, it emphasize on how the motor control, works, and how to connect the motors. The instructors are very attentive, and they know what they are saying.

After the three days course, I went back, I was astonished that the electrical panel that I was working on, was carried out by someone who is unfit for the task. The labor of my friend’s work and mine, was wasted. Apparently, someone cut a big hole, that the cover of the electrical panel was deemed useless. And I have to start up with another new one. This is a bit of a waste, because a lot of care has been taken to make the panel look nice.

In this company, it is quite nice to work in, because it is huge, and a lot of welfare, and the company is not stingy in retraining workers.

Does your company spend on you by sending you to courses?

Chinese Garden

Hacve you been to this year's Chinese Garden Lantern lightup? I was there, and it is really nice to see the efforts made by the Chinese Garden. There are the seven wonders of the world structures, and one of the most impressive is the Tower of Pisas. Although it is not tilted, but it was formed out of plates, spoons and cups. and they are made of China. Well, that is what it looks like. And I was w onderiong how do they fix up that structures, because it must have weigh a lot.

Oh yes, there are a loot of merchandises, and one of them, is a man selling candy. Yum Yum.
I have to pay $2 for it. After you paid the money, the seller would draw a picture out of candy, and after setting for some time, you can get to eat it.


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