Monday, October 23, 2006

Pablo, From extreme poverty to extreme rich

I had just have a inspirational dream, that after I woke up, I would like to share with you.

Pablo's starting life
This is about a boy, perhaps, about his life. Although in the dream, he had no name, but when I prayed for a name, the word 'pablo', came to my mind.

Pablo is a black african, who is from the thrid world country. Ever since he was birth, he follows his parents, and work non-stop. When he was young, where everyone's kid went to school, pablo was helping out in his uncle's shop, which I don't know what he sells.

Pablo's teens
When pablo was in his teens, I saw his uncle talked to his parents, and they were crying. It seems that pablo's uncle had a plan for him, and it would cost pablo to leave his parents, to go to america, somewhere in the surburb. Pablo, since small, did not know what was going on around the world. And then, it zapped to the day, where pablo's parents and him were in a jeep, driving to a place. The jeep was driven by their uncle, and then, they set off from their home, to a house, by the sea. When they nearly reached the place, pablo's parents told him he have reached, and advise him to work hard, and stay with the american family.

First visit
Pablo went to a door, and knocked on it, and after he said his name, the american let him in, and show him the place around. He was shown to a room, which is the size of his whole house. (Can you imagine the size of the house of pablo?) It seems that pablo's uncle have a plan for him to be adopted by the americans.

Later, Pablo was shown to a restaurant which is on the streets level. It is a house, by the seaside, where the top is the house, and the first floor is the restaurant. While every regular kids are studying colleage, pablo is busy working in daytime, and night time. before sleep, he share his quiet time, and studying books that is on the shelves of the americans. It was never know who are the americans in the dream.

Pablo's Adulthood

When Pablo reached his 20s, he have an urge to go visit his family. He took a short break, and went back to his home, which he remembered. When he reached there, the house, which is thought to be there, was no longer there. The place have gone through mordernisation, and was no longer there. Pablo, with his tears non-stop, returned home. He was very sad that he have lost his root. The next day, he pursues on sharpening his cooking skills through strong determination. The american couple supports him very well.

Then, the american couple died, not knowing how they died, but they were childless. The american man had made a will, that his estate be willed to pablo. And a contract between him and pablo's parents came to light. He was an adopted child, planned by his uncle. His uncle had observed that he have a keen interest in cooking, and that is why, he was sent to this family.

After the funeral, Pablo became the boss, and starts on reading books that aids him to expand his restaurant. He became very successful man, and married a lady. He continues to stays in the restaurant by the beach, waiting for one day, his parents would return.

Pablo thinks about his root

One night, while Pablo was looking out the sea, he cried. His wife came out to see him, and was also sad. Then his wife gave a recommandation to him, to advertise on the newspaper, looking out for his parent.

Pablo published for 1 week straight, and many people came to make the claim that they were Pablo's family. But he knew, they were not his parent. Weeks went by, and the con man were still coming up. But as it gets lesser, his hope of meeting his parent were getting dimmer and dimmer. One night, a car stopped by, and a man came to knock on the door. Pablo answered it, and immediately the man ask about the house pablo was living in. Pablo answered by a railway, and a rotten one. And the man continued describing the house, and then give a short brief about a shop, but saying it is their shop. Pablo dismissed that it was his uncle's shop, and not his own shop. Pablo then question by saying on the last day he leaves, the parent sent him to the door. the man dismissed that he was not sent to the door. The two man stopped for a while, and tears splashes out, and they hug each other. He was pablo's brother.

Pablo meet his brother

Pablo's brother was also sent to another family by his uncle as well. He found a letter about his uncle's plan for them to have a better life, and their parents have to let them go, so they would be successful. They were united, and Pablo knew he was no longer alone, as he have his brother. They never met their parent, nor their uncle anymore.

Pablo's brother is a student studying law, and he lives on the other side of the town. Occassionally, Pablo's brother would came to drop by, and they would stare out the sea sometime, thinking about their life, and about their future life.

Woke up~!

After that, I woke up.
I was feeling very sad over the dream, because it seems so real, it was like watching a life of a man in 3 hours. I slept at 2300, and woke up at 0200.

Some may think that poverty is a bad thing, but poverty, can drive a strong determination out of a man. Rich kids are rebellious, and they think the world revolve around them. They do not study, given a comfort home, with a life with their parents. But in a world, without schools and parents, a kid would be driven to drive the best potential out of them.

It is ironic, that poverty, can drive a person closer to GOD, and the non-poverty, was lead away from GOD. That is why, GOD prefers to choose the weak, to be strong, as he picks on David, to fight the Goliath in the times of David.


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