Monday, October 16, 2006

One of the recommandable Chicken Rice.

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This is for the folks who are living in Woodlands.

If you are living in Woodlands, or near sembawang, you can try this Chicken Rice.

It is located in Block 17, Woodlands Sector.

I used to work around the coffee shop very long ago, as an Assistant Engineer in a fabrication factory.

Good for Fiona

Fiona is the only one working there. Yup. So she gets to have more chances to eat there.
The shop opens early every morning, so I get to eat the Duck Porridage there, and in the afternoon, I eat the Chicken Rice. The butcher is really friendly, and will joke around. And he is good in remembering people, cos he will instantly know what you like to eat.

How I know this place

I remember the first few week, I always though the only canteen is at the downstair of where I was working. Then one day, while I was enjoying the scenary on the fifth floor of the industrial building, I noticed that there are people walking towards a small passage, and people returning from the passage are carrying packets of food.

I went down the next day, and follow the people walking through the passage, and there I found it, another food center, which is more economical, more worthwhile food than the food center which is down the building.

What about the soup?

Oh yes, for the soup, this stall offers free chicken feet. Yum Yum. it is a free flow, and the butcher welcome you to come and finish it up. There opens from 0700, and ends around 1500, or when they ran out of chicken or duck to sell.


Speaking of the duck, they are not selling rubber duck. The duck are tender, and juicy. Yum Yum. I once bought half of the duck home and eat with cooked rice, and it is a marvelous delicacy.

In attached is a picture of how you can identifty the canteen when you are driving through Woodlands Sector, so you will not miss the canteen.

Around the place I work in, There are only 3 coffee shops around. the next one is 22 Woodlands Industrial, and it is not worth speaking about it.


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