Sunday, October 15, 2006

Village's ERDINGER Oktober feast 2006

Last Friday, I was feasting in China Square Central, during the company's dinner.

It is a really wild party. It is organised by Chinatown's Village, and a german beer called Erdinger. From the photo, you can see, how big is their glass is!
And a small class cost around $10. Yup, just a small glass, which is a fraction of the picture that you see here.

As a novoice to places like this, I did not know that the food, which is the free food, is actually to go with the food. Nevertheless, I hurried to finish up the food. Then, Around 2000, Glenn Ong, the DJ from the Class 95, came in and announce the start of the party.

This follows by a loud music, and a german singing, and saying the rules. The Universal Rule of Beer appplies in everywhere including this party. They are:

1) Thou shall not refuse a toast.
2) Thou can toast with anyone in the party.
3) Before you take a drink, toast with anyone nearer to you before you move it to your lip
4) After a toast, bang the glass on the table before putting to your lips.

I saw a lot of people taking this opportunity to get to know more people. and then you know what, some of the peopel order the gigantic glass, and drink all the way. Ha ha

I took one glass at first, and finished up. And then, the Senior Engineer offers another drink again. And after finishing up, a lady, dunno came from where, offers me another glass.

In total, I had 3 glasses of beer. To me, drinking wine tastes better than beer. I don't like the gas. you know why people vomit, just because they glurp down the beer in one shot, and then, the gas build up and rush out through the nose and mouth.

During the feast, many step on the bench and tables and dance. I stand ont he table. Wahahaha.

During the party, I can see a lot of people who are working around the city area in the feast. they seems to be enjoying themselves, and treating it as a way to release their stress, by dancing and shouting. It costs $38 per person. and the feast opens for 4 days.

Liver system
I sometime was wondering how badly damages is their Liver. Do you know that the liver and intestine shares the same nervous system? And the bad thing, or rather the good thing, is that the Liver feels no pain. And by drinking beer, the liver sacrifices some of the cells, to removes the toxics.


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