Saturday, October 21, 2006

Haze, haze and more haze.

This is an annual exhibition, called Globaltronics. As an engineer, I like to attends to these exhibition, to get to know the technological advancement around these days. Have you noticed that most of the technological advancement have speed up a little?

With many form of integration, and new developments of nanotechnology, The machines are getting smarter, and more reliable than it was ten years ago. Who knows, the words you are reading now, may be read by another program in your pc as well.

And one more scary thing to note, is when will we hand the keys to robots, just like when mankind hand over the world to the robots in matrix.

Coming back, Globaltronics is a trade exhibition, and it is a very pity that it is held during the office hours, say Tuesday to Fridat, 0830 to 1730. This is the time, when everyone is working. I have to rush off to the exhibition, and quickly glance through before the exhibition closes in 30 minutes times. Hello~ Mister, can you put these exhibition so we can join in the weekends too?
This is a pity of it, because there are a lot of interested people who wants to take a look at it but have to work. I am sure of it, because I am one of them.

On the first day, I was very blur, because I did not know that I have to register for it. When I was downstair, I was looking for the registration booth, and it took a long time, because there is no direction as to where to register. and upon registration, It really takes a very long time, trying to fill up the form, because there are so many things to fill up.

Anyway, after filling up the forms, and I was up for only 5 minutes, the exhibition was closed. DUH~ You know? I spent $7.50 each day getting a cab there straight after work.


We are now experiencing the yearly event, and this year, it just got worse. It is not a total natural disaster, but a man-made disaster.

It is Haze. And this yeat, thanks to Kalimantan, we have experienced one of the worst haze, where vision gets very low, with the smell of burning in it. National Environmental Agency is also busy displaying and reporting the values of the PSI every hour.

Why do people in Kilmantan like to practice the slash and burn method, when it comes to crop rotation? Presuming the cheapest way of getting their land to fertile again, they are laying waste millions of dollars everyday for other countries. Event the president is having a hard time bowing down and apologise to other neighbour countries.

It really is a devastating effect in singapore because the outdoor activities have to be stopped, and more people prefers to stay indoors, with the air cleaner by their side. Nevertheless, I am one of these people. Speaking of my air cleaner, this air cleaner have been with me for years. It is a ionizer, and an air filter as well. It is a german technology, patented, and cost me $200 around more than 5 years ago. nowadays, it is cheaper now.

Air Cleaners

Of course, air cleaner works better when you change the air filters regularly. no use depending on an aircleaner, where the filter is choked. I guess the only happy people are the air cleaner sellers and manufacturers.


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