Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fried Electrical

Last month, there was a power

breakdown in one restaurant. the fault was restored immediately, and investigation to the power fault proof futile. there was no longer another fault.

It is only last wednesday, when servicing to one equipment, the problem to a fault was found. It was a connector melted.

It is not know what is the source of the problem, is it the arcing, heat, or high current that causes the connector to melt. This connector is a small size connector, and it have since changed to a bigger size connector, and put under observation for the next few months.

The company takes a serious view over who installs and how it happens. I suspect it to be high heat, because the wires are sufficient enough, so arcing cannot be the problem. Over current may be the source, since the connector is a small type, which is not recommended for this equipment, which is a current eater.

Servicing equipment is a very essential operation in the maintenance site. I am sometime so proud of the team, who is so dedicated into the job, and take pride in the work.

So far, the most problematic job for me would be switchboard troubleshooting. It is the most difficult job for me, because you have to do the electrical work, under LIVE connection. and it is a Single phase 230AC. Can you imagine how shocking you could be, if you are to do this. and if servicing is done on the neutral side, it is more dangerous, because even if the circuit breaker is off, never forget the neutral line is still LIVE. As the whole switchboard is earthed to ground, if you touch any neutral line, you will activate another circuit breaker called Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. If it doesn't the higher level will activate. and this will render you safe from further electrocution.

Unlike one place I know, this doesn't work there, because the current overload relay was tampered with, and no one bother to find out the exact amount. ha ha, we just wait for the day, when it happens. because in that place, action is only taken when there is tragedy strikes.


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