Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2 Days work for Doctor, 20 minutes work of Specialist

Condensor trip
Hmm... Today is tuesday. For the past 2 days, I have been scratching my head, over one aircon unit that I cannot repaired. It is a painful experience when I found out the real problem that causes the condenser unit to trip.

Burnt wires
Yesterday, one restaurant called and said their aircon does not seems to get cold. My partner and I, went up, examine the condenser unit. When we saw that it stopped, we strip the condenser unit, and found 2 burnt wires. They are the power supply to the condenser unit. We changed these two wires. After the wires are changed, we close up, and returned. After I returned back to office, I took a meter to check the wire. The wires are found to be linked and not broken. I checked thoroughly, and could not figure out how can it cause the compressor to trip. After that, I threw the wires away.
3 hours later, the restaurant called again, and this time, the condenser refuses to start. We examine the whole condensor, from contactor to the wire. A check with the contactor shows that there is no signal sent up from another place. My partner said it is the compressor faulty. I feels it is something else. But as I was not familiar to split unit, I returned home, wondering what causes it to trip.
Specialist are called in

The next day, after washing the AHU, I went with my partner to check on the condenser again. It does not start. In dismay, we have to call up the officer to contact a contractor to rectify the problem. The contractor check the condenser, and then went doen to check the evaporator. When he opened the drainage cork, I knew what went wrong instantly. IT have happened before. The reason is: The drainage pipe is choked, and water level have reached high level, and the PC card refusaes to send the signal up to the condensor. When the contractor suck the pipe with a wet pickup, a lot of residue were sucked out. After the contractor have done this, the condensor starts running non-stop.
This event have actually happened before previously when I was working in other places. IT doesn't come to my mind, because I was too concentrated, and do not know what are the actual step to take before perform diagnostic.

Last week, I went for a body servicing. So called body servicing that is. Last wednesday, I was passing by a reflexology shop, and I wonder how a foot reflexology test like. I went in for a half hour session. This shop was opened by a catholic, and the person who do the massage are chinese majority. Actually, I wanted to call xiao lan previous week, but she is not interested in it. So I have to go alone.

The foot reflexology is really great, especially you can feel how lively the feet are after the session. Oh yes, the person who massage me is called Ivy. Well, I especially note it down, so I would not forget.

2 days after that, I went to the reflexology center again, and this time, I am not going for the reflexology. I went for the ear candling. This time I went for a 80 minute session, which cost $75 for ear candling, follow by a 40 minutes back massage. I go for ear candling, because I have this block in my ear,t hat I want to get rid of. Before the ear candling, the lady would check and remove any wax that may be in the ear. And after some relaxation masaage, she put the ear candle into the ear. I hear some burning sound, and feels the block was removed gradually.

After the ear candling, there was a back massage, and it really sooth the back very well. A pity, Xiaolan was not here to experience it. After the ear candling, I walked out the reflexology feeling refreshed, and feels better. I think they are professional in this kind of line, because they really did it really well. I think I must polish up my skills of servicing HVAC, so all my units can feels the same way as I do.

If you to have the address, you can check it out. It is called
Tomi Foot Reflexology in
Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road,
#B1-114 and #01-94.
The telephone is 67364292,
and they opens daily from 10am to 10pm.


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