Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Vivo City

I went to the great Vivo City last saturday, and I just find that it is really too big.
I find the most interesting is the roof top water pond, where people can strip off the shoes, and walk in the water. When I saw something happened, I starts to consider whether it is a good idea to have it in Singapore. The thing I saw is someone spit into the water as they walk. What would it be, if someone who is ill, spit on the water and infect the water?
As I exit out of the NEL, I was astonished to find a lot of people walking, and there are a lot of stalls are not opened. Finding food in the place is really a hard time, because of the high demand low supply, many people are queuing for the food. I wanted to bring Xiao Lan to watch one itilian show, because I read from the papers that the itilian movie is cute and funny, and also a mixture of classical, that is what she like. Looking for the cinema, is really a scratch on the head, because there is insufficient sign board, and although the signboard is found, I couldn't read it because I do not know which side I am facing. If you remember a shape of a three edge boomerang, imagine you are in the middle of the boomerang, with no windows as a reference, or signs indicating where you are facing, and the three sides are shops, how would you be able to judge your direction? I had problem intepreting that map, that I have to explore my way around, and ended up in Harbourfront center, which is entirely wrong direction. DUH.
From the Newpaper, it is said the person who designed the Vivo City is a Japanese. and it is his first time designing a building out of japan. I think it is a very good external design, but I only think of the way of the maintenance going to be in Vivo City.
As I walk around, I realised that there is not much Air Handling Units in Vivo city. most of the air-conditioning is through Fan Coil Units. and these FCUs are located in the shops. I find that using FCUs, it can save you some money in term of running cost. But in term of maintaining or servicing a FCUs,it is going to be a very difficult job. And with the FCUs located in the shop itself, the serviceman have to go inside the shop, to clean and service the FCUs, and it would be inconvienent for the shop, and the customers. Some customers may even shun the shop if they see people servicing the FCUs. How efficient is it?
If we are going to talk about productivity, we pick an example of 800 FCUs in Vivo city. If every FCUs are to be serviced once a month, it would work out that everyday, a team of 2 technicians have to service 26 units, which is near impossible. If there are 2 teams of 2 technicians, it would work out that one day, they have to service 13 units. In my experience, a diligent technician would be able to handle 9 FCUs per day. If the working hour is 9 to 5, with one hour lunch break, that work out to 0.77 FCU per hour. And this 1 hour, does not include the walking from store to another store. The optimum would be 3 teams of 2 technicians, to make the job flows. And to be able to give technician rest, there ought to have another team of technician to act as a buffer, so the other team can take the rest day off. That would make up 4 teams of 2 technicians, and totalled up to 8 technicians, just for Aircon service. A team must have 2 technicians, because when one climbs the ladder, another have to be at the bottom, to hold the ladder, and pass equipments to the other party on top. Also, in case of electrocution, the one at the bottom of the ladder can save him. I have encountered electrocution many time. Now I treat it as a rice eating business. ha ha ha.
Only Aircon
If the technician is gonna be doing only aircon servicing, I think the work will be very boring. And you have to remember one mindset, that some technicians may be lazy, and they will skip the job at hand. It is every organisation's nightmare.


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