Thursday, November 16, 2006

One Good Year

This is a show directed by Ridley Scott, written by Peter Mayle. This show is more on humour, and Romance. This show starts by protraying a successful and high profile bond trader called Max Skinner. He is a very successful man in a way that he trades bond. He got a news that one of his uncle and mentor Uncle Henry had died, and he is to inherit all his possession, such as his vineyard that doesn't produce even moderate wine.
He met Fanny Chenal, a long lost, and forgotten girl friend he befriend with when he was young as a boy. Fanny made Max swim in dung pool, and Max forgives her, and help her in the restaurant when fanny was very occupied. Instead of thanking Max, Fanny fired max, but soon fall in love with each other.
After a week in France, Max had to get back to London, and he was given a chance of a lifetime partnership, promising great wealth. Instead of Wealth, Max went for romance with fanny.

This show protrays the yearn of the rich. Many people became rich, but they do not have the romance to share with, just liek the partner of Max Skinner. He is a very old man, but he is lonely and grumpy. Seeing this, perhaps that is what made max leave his luxury life, and pursues the woman he loves. Quite a touching movie.

After the show, A simple. yet head scratching question comes to mind. In this world, Are we, WORK TO LIVE, or are we LIVE TO WORK?

This is what I sees everyday on the train. So many people are taking the train, yet, on their face, they have this sense of uncomfortable, like they are forced to work. And the sad thing, is office jobs are 8 hours sitting on the chair, looking at the computer. Whereas for my job, it have so much interest, because I can transformed into many vocation. From a mechanic, to electrician, to engineering, to drafter, to serviceman, to air-conditioning, to fabricator, to painter, to carpenter, to plumber, to so many jobs. In extreme rare cases, I can be a fireman and a lift rescue team as well. Speaking of lift rescue, I ever opened a lift door, to manually activate a lift door, so as to allow people to exit. And it really is scary, because once I look down the lift shaft, I feels I had a lose of balance. How does a real lift technician managed to overcome this fear?


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