Saturday, December 16, 2006

Overnight Work

Yesterday is a night work, which requires a total shutdown of a air conditioning plant, to complete an installation.
Nightwork, to me, is quite tiring a bit, and I sometime wonders how the night shift people are able to work in the night. As it is supposed to scheduled to finish around 1 in the morning, which I have hope for it, some problem came up, and we have to troubleshoot it for 3 or 4 hours. After it is finished, and I recheck on my time of schedule, I only have one hour of sleep if I go home. So, instead of going home, I stayed in the workplace, and when a person is really tired, he can sleep anywhere. and that anywhere is on the table, with the door opens.

This is what I observed one thing in Orchard. You can hardly get a cab, before 12, and EVEN AFTER 12!! Amazing~!
Before 12, I went out and say this long queue of people at the taxi stand, and it is like 30 or more people ( I have snapped a photo to prove it) Around 1230, I look down again, the queue is even longer, and can reach around 40 people waiting for the cab. What disgust me is that where are alot of cab with the yellow sign, but they continue to speed away. I mean. it is a taxi stand, but the drivers are skipping it, and it is not a case of one or two. It seems that it have became a prominent sign in Singapore.

Why do the taxi drivers chooses passengers? it really is frustrating. I was trying to get a cab before, and the moment I stepped into it, the driver told me to get off. MIND YOU, IT is a COMFORT DELGRO CAB~! I did not managed to get the license down. I mean, I was walking to the taxi stand, and I got on the cab, and then, the driver told me he just accepted a booking, and sped off. IF you are going to accept booking, and you saw me running towards the taxi, why are you in the taxi stand?

The second taxi came, ask me where I am going, but refuses me when I told him my destination. I am in Cineleisure, and I wishes to go to Woodlands, what is the big deal? It is a pity for the driver that I failed to tell him I am going to Woodlands Sector, where it is a high demand for taxi during after office hour.

When a Silver cab came, I finally got a taxi after 2 minutes of wait in the taxi stand. The driver took me when I told him I wanted to go to woodlands. After some distance, I told him I wanted to go to woodlands Sector, he smiled, and I can see he is happy about it. I later told him my story, and he said it is normal nowadays for drivers in orchard. They wants to fetch those short distance people, and stay within the orchard road. Mainly because it offers higher pay or something.

Coming back now, afetr I reviewed my schedule, I decided to stay int he workplace, and sleep, so I can have 4 hours sleep. On this night, I learnt that the Kopitiam opposite Cineleisure doesn't opens beyond 4 am. Yup. It opens at night, and into the wee hour of the morning. I went to the Long John Silver and eat that sandwich. and then proceed to buy my breakfast, which is a bowl noodle from the cheers.

In the morning, I woke up with the first person arrived. I went out to buy a cuppa coffee, and saw this sight. A whole stretch fo road, laid with the civil defense vehicles. It is as though there is an exercise or something.

After 4 hours of sleep, and a cuppa coffee, I am geared up for another round of repairing. After my work, I am really very beat, and wishes to go home to sleep.


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