Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One Man spoilt the schedule of everyone

Today, I wish to make a confession that I did not heed a voice whispering to my ear this morning to get up. And instead of eating in Orchard, I went up to the bridge to buy food. Yup. and the price I paid, an hour of my time, and some cash loss. I feel ashame of myself this morning, because I did not listen to the voice speaking.

This morning, I woke up at 4 in the morning. I was prompted to read the bible, since I am up early. I did not, and fall back to sleep. Then, I was woken up again around 5, to get up and take the train. I slug and slug until 0630, and rush to the MRT station. After that, I was feeling hungry, and feels like going to the bridge to buy my breakfast. I hear a calling telling me not to go. I went.

When I was on the train, the train screech to a standstill in Yishun station. I hear people screaming outside, and then, I feel my hair standing. I have not this feeling ever since my dad passed away. I can feel the presence of a death angel came and go. After that, I knew. I should have take the train earlier, because I am stuck at a station, where taking a taxi is like waging a war with all people on the roads. I have to get out of the train, and there are many policeman around, with the civil defense personnal. I did not see what was going on, but after I have this feeling, I knew, someone had died, and I am there.

I go out to the road, and tried to take the taxi, but, it is really difficult to catch a cab during the peak hour in Yishun MRT station. If you are talking about admirality, I think it is easier. There was no announcement about the shuttle bus, so I went to the bus interchange, and board the 851. It is an alternative, and this alternative route, I have planned even before I took up the job in the city.

I take the bus, and the bus driver is very understanding about our situation. She pack up the bus to the fullest, and then step on the pedal. I am very impressed about her skill. Her braking technique is very smooth, and When she steps on the pedal, it is very smooth, that we can balance ourselves even without the grab pole.

I got out at Novena, and rush to work. Many people have alighted at yio Chu Kang, but for me, I stop at novena. The logic is very simple. If Yio Chu Kang is the first stop that offers the train ride, many people would be boarding it. There will not be much space to sit on. and since I am sitting on the bus, I might as well sit to novena.

Once again, I think this person, whoever it is, if he is committing a sucide, I think he or she is very inconsiderate to people like us. We should hate them all the more. If it is an accident, it is unstandable. if it is deliberate, we should not take a pity on it, because of him, I am late for work, and there are thousands of people having appointment with clients, what image would they give, if they turn up late. We all have a schedule to keep. I overheard there are pleople doing performance somewhere too. If millions of dollars is involved, and it is lost, who is gonna pay?

If you wanna die, by train, please jump after peak hour. Thank You.

By the way, Committing Sucide, is against the law. This is because, GOD have gave everyone life. We should treasure it, and bear in mind that the breath we are breathing, belongs to GOD. The moment we took it away ourselves, we are rejecting GOD, and withers away.


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