Monday, December 04, 2006

A Penny Wise, a Pound Foolish

On Saturday, I came across this article, about this man, who stopped his car on the expressway.

And the reason? The ERP is due to off at 2000, but he reaches at 1950. And then, he forgot his cashcard, and stopped his car immediately. On the extreme right lane. The car behind him have to stop immediately, but not so the motocyclist, who slammed right on the second car.

The cost of the feee, is 50 cents. If he pass it without a cashcard, He gets a fine of over $10. But for stopping at the extreme right lane, he have put the lives of a potential successful person's live in the Intensive care unit.

This is such an inconsiderate act for a man who is in his forties. He does not bother to check what is behind him, and I am sure that he must be feeling extremely guilty, which the victim's parents scolding him for stopping, just to save a 10 dollar fine.

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