Tuesday, November 28, 2006

100th Post

Yesterday, I just realised that I have went pass my 100th post on the previous blog.

Everyone like to make a special speech, when they went beyong 100th post, 1000th post. A for me, I was actually lost count of it. It wasn't until I read one blog, whom the writer exclaimed how he feels about his 100th blogs. After reading it, I look back, and saw I have went pass my 100th blog without knowing.

This morning, I was in such an urge in doing fabrication, that I neglected one thing. That is safety, for myself. I was using the welding torch today, because there is a plastic that requires bending. As a weldign torch is very dangerous, I keep a very sharp look out of where I am pointing my torch. This is because the heat was so strong, you can be hurnt even if someone is 30 centimeters away. After all the burning, I put the torch on the table, and it is a very bad move. The torch topple over, and my body quickly bent over and catch the torch. The torch meets my hand, and gave it a hot kiss. oh duh, I have to went to the tap, and flush it for a long time, and then, bear with the pain for 6 straight hours. Torch are very dangerous, because if adjusted wrongly, it can reverse back to the gas chamber, and it may cause explosion. This reminds me of an accident in Toa Payoh some years back, where a company's couple, bent on saving money, bought second hand welding torch. When they were using halfway, the flame reverse back to the gas chamber, and blow up the whole industrial building, bringing down other manufacturing office as well.

Today, as I was walking along the road, and I got a jump. I hear a horn sound briefly, and then a crush sound was heard. As I turned my head, there was a van, crushed onto a small little car. Perhaps fromt he picture, you see the car hit the van, but on the contrary, it is the van, that crush on the car. One deduction can be that the small car brake suddenly, and the van try to avoid, and kiss the sid butt of the small car. The two drivers got down, and starts talking.

This has got me thinking. Is it really a blessing to have a car, or a blessing to be in a country where public transport is very efficient. There is a research that concluded that Singapore is the most expensive country, to own a car. I have forgotten what says so, because it is many years ago.

Owning a car, to many people, is a dream. But I do not hold such a dream. Are we Slave to the Car, or the Car is a Slave to us? If I own a car, I have to fork out at least $600 for the instalment, and this excludes petrols, and taxes. I have calculated that in Singapore, if an individual is to go from one place to another everyday, a public transport is sufficient for it. I takes a train everyday and it cost $1.45. A to and fro cost $2.90. Every month, it shall be $87 per month. An added allowance, would cost me $100 per month. In Japan, almost all car owners leave their cars at home, and take the railway. The railway is their way of life, because it is so convienent to be in the railway. As I takes the train daily, I can either read, or sleep.Unlike owning a car, I have to put my eye out of the socket, and watch the road.

As I saw this accident, if I got into one with a car, I would have to wait for the tow truck, and may even have to pay for the damages. Whereas in public transport, somehow an alternatives will be provided, and I do not have to scratch my head. So for me, Public Transport is a yes, and unless circumstances persist, then I would rent a car for fun. So far, I hardly do this, because it would cost me $200 to do it.


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