Monday, November 20, 2006

Doulos, stopped by Singapore

Doulos was purchased in 1977 by Gute Bücher für Alle e.V. (Good Books for All), a private, non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Germany.
Doulos visits port cities throughout the world, supplying vital literature resources, encouraging inter-cultural understanding, training young people for more effective life and service, promoting greater global awareness, providing practical aid and sharing a message of hope in God wherever there is opportunity.
Constructed in 1914, MV Doulos is the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. During her lengthy career, she has sailed under four distinct names: Medina, Roma, Franca C and Doulos. The ship has been utilised for four very different purposes: freighting goods, transporting emigrants, for cruises, and most recently in her present role as a vessel to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world. During her lifetime, she has twice been extensively renovated and upgraded, and undergone two engine replacements. She has been registered in the United States of America, Panama, Italy and Malta.

It is in Harbour Front. Yup. The ship really look very old, and as the history dictated, it was first built in 1914. The books that were sold, are mostly christian books, and although, you have compared that the book price is expensive, but think of the children that you can help to feed, because the crews aboard Doulos, are mostly volunteers, and they take pride in spreading gospels, and help the needy at the same time.

The ship is huge, and once a luxury boat for vacation, the ship was transformed into a floating bookshop, and sails perhaps forever spreading the love of GOD. This just reminded me. If the ship doulos cross the path of a cursed ship The Legendary Flying Dutchman, will it deliver the Flying Dutchman, and we will not have to fear anymore?

I prays that GOD will give safety to the crews and the ship, and bless it well, so thatmore people will get to know GOD truthfully and heartly. The ship Doulos will be spending Christmas day in Philipines, spreading more gospels, and let's pray that more salvations can be received during the trip.

Harbourfront Shopping center's this year Christmas Theme is: "Have a Beary Christmas"
Thus, there is a giant Christmas tree, and all it hangs are not bells or candies, but BEARS~!
And how cute the bears are, I just couldn't resist touching it. Yup, I love Bears. In fact, I told Xiaolan that if one day, I were to die and lie in the coffin, be sure to put my white bear besides me. And on the day of the cremation, I will smile and show my teeth. Hmm... a bit of horror there.
I was walking through Vivo city, since it is very near, and as usual, the queue for the foods and cinema are really long. The games are very expensive~! I just couldn't pick up my courage to fork out my money to play games, and so is the courage to fork out the money to watch the James Bond movie.
Dong Po Rou
I chanced upon a restaurant called "Dian Xiao Er" It serves the Dong Po Rou, which is a kind of 5 flower meat. It have legend, that the famous philospher Su Dong Po was hungry, and asked his servant to cook this meat. The chef came up with this dish, and he likes it very much. That is why, it became Dong Po Rou. I wanted to taste this, but I gotta hold back the urge, because I have bigger plan for the cash. It costs around $12 for just a small portion of the Dong Po Rou.
Herbal Duckie
Other than Dong Po Rou, Dian Xiao Er is also famous for their herbal Duck, which also cost quite a bit for those who are tight on budget. And for those who are tight on budget, we had to go to the food court, to cure the hunger. And we do walk on the rooftop water pond. Many children were playing in the pond, as if it is a swimming pool. As I walks along the water, I have this idea. What if the floor of my home, is flooded like the one in Vivocity? Just raise the whole floor, and then, coat it with epoxy, and then, add water filtrition, and water pond, and tada, I would be walking on water in the confort of my own home. But a little bit uncomfortable on my water bill, though.


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