Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rainy Season

Raining season for singapore is here.

Just when you ask for rain during the hazy days, GOD provides with the rain, to wash away the haze. and now, man are saying they do not want the rain, but the sun shine.

Yup, this year, the rain is extremely strong, and heavy, especially after the earthquake of 5.7 on the richter scale in Indonesia, it made people wonders whether has the earthquake affected the weather.

There are plots of land flooded so heavily, that flowers are ruined, and cars are stuck, some even overturned. People are complaining that trains are slower, neglecting the safety, but grumble to get to their workplace faster. Many failed to wake up because the weather is simply too great for hibernating. This proves that bears are smarter than man, because they know when to rest, and when to work. How I wish I was a bear myself sometime, cos I like to sleep.

These pictures are taken in the morning. It shows how a ever smooth Woodlands road can become fully congested to a standstill, because there is a flood up fron all the way in Senoko. This road is inevitable, because in Senoko, it is where all the rivers meets.

Raining, is especially GREAT for buildings, you know? especially the air conditioning. For the first time ever, I saw the chiller reached 4 degree celcius. Normally, the chillers are 11 degrees celcius, but yesterday, it reached so low. Perhaps the cooling tower is working at a better efficiency.

During rainy day, I came across this small bird, on the floor, shivering. After observed for a while, I noticed that it must be one of the chick, fallen from the nest on the tree. Not knowing what to do with it, I hold it up, and hug it. It seems to be very comfortable, and sleep. I continue to walk to my workplace, and when I wanted to put it on a heater, I realised that it was dead. Well, I am glad that it died with warmth. I feels extremely sad, because there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, this is a picture taken at 0030 in Orchard road, one of the taxi stand. I really feels disgust about the cab drivers sometime, because there are a lot of cab, with the vacant light on, but does not stop in the taxi stand. and even if I see one, it is always a on call sign on top. This really will spoilt our Singapore image. If only the taxi companies will look into it, or spot check on those who put thenselves on vacant, but doesn't stops. Believe me, even after 0100, the queue is still longer than what is shown in the picture.

Thank GOD there is a night rider that I can count on in weekends.

Anyway, Rainy season is here, so gotta get an unbrella by the said all the time. especially Xiao Lan. HUH~! Everytime no take unbrella, up to the day that I have to spend 1000 dollars to buy an unbrella. Really want to thank the Hang Ten, because of their scheme of the Rent the umbrella. You know? if you go to hang ten, and pay $10 for it, and within 90 days, you cabn return back the umbrella back to the shop, in good condition and receive the money back.

One think I like about raining is it is cooling, and I really like it. especially, after the morning rain, I see the sky is really clear, and watch the sun rise.


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