Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry christmas~! 2006

My only regret for Christmas is that I did not managed to wake up early on Christmas and attend a Christmas show organised by the church. It was entitled "GOD's Present". I have seen the short introduction, and I think I should go with Xiao Lan. It is a pity I did not managed to get up on time. This is my only regret.

For this year's decoration, some may say the Tanglin's Christmas is grand, and huge with more snows. Some says it is the life-sized sweet house in Orchard Hotel. This sweet house, you can actually peel off the parts, and eat it. If you remember the story of Hansel and Gradle, the two children who were lost in the forest, and found a house made entire out of sweet and cookies, and cream. And this house is created by a evil witch, who preys on young children.

Then again, Some says it is the quarter million Christmas outside the Heeren Building, and others says it is the diamond tree in Bugis.

I think this year, the best, and the most creative decoration is the cross road outside Crown hotel.

YES sir, it is that road junction, and if you remembered well, every half hour, there will be different light setting projected on the road, and all vehicles have to be stopped for one minute. During this one minute, pedestrian can cross the road in any direction and clear the road by one minute.

This is the best and the most creative way, because it have to be synchronised every detail out of it. All thanks to the ingenious Japanese who first came up with this idea. Did you know, in Japan, this scheme is used in some of the most busiest road junction in Tokyo? The organiser must be taken this idea from the Japan concept. In addition, he added 4 projections of scenery on the road during the 1 minute of time. It really is beautiful

On Christmas Eve, we went from Tanglin, all the way to the National Museum. Along the way, we took the rare opportunity to take photos in this 35 million dollars tunnel (It is not a hole). Whenever I passes this tunnel, I would remember the funny conversation between Mr Brown and Ruby in the Mr Brown Show, about the tunnel. It is a very funny joke, because they were asking how is the trees going to pay for the tunnel.
We took quite a lot of photos, because it really is a rare opportunity. Well, I missed out a chance of jogging in the tunnel of the SMRT in Expo before it opens.

When we went there, there was no marking, and it really is a short tunnel, which Mr Brown claimed it can be cleared within 18 seconds.


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