Thursday, February 01, 2007

Motorcycle Accident outside Orchard Tower

One of my friend, Mr Edmond, was met with an accident last week. I feel very sad for him.

Edmond was one of my colleague in my workplace. He is a kind, gentle and very hardworking man. He is in charge of a restaurant in the central of Singapore.

What really disgust me is that the driver who caused his motorcycle to hit the road, ran away. And thank GOD, Edmond have a great humble, and let it go. But to me, this is an irresponsible driver.

It was in 24th January, and it happened around 1900, at the crossroad of The Heeren and Orchard Tower. He said he was travelling at 60KM, and another car came rushing at 80 KM, and very close to him. The car then close in on him, and he was lead to the kerb. In that instant, he could not stop in time, and roll over the road, and landed on the floor. As for the car, it drove off without stopping. I think this driver is very irresponsible. As for Edmond, he was paralysed from the waist down, with no feeling.

Thank GOD that Edmond is still alive now, although he was paralysed, but he will survive through, I believe.

Today, we have a very big job on hand. It is a fan, that actually stopped working since last year, but no one voiced out this problem. It is during a check, that we found this exhaust fan, that is runniong slowly for one year, and made a very poor ventilation.

After examining the fan closely, I found out why no one voice out about this problem. It is because either no one knows how to check, or they are afraid that once they voice out, they have to do it.

And it is no wonder no one knows how to check, because it is only through experience, that we can know that the fan is dying. And I did it, I have to take out the fan, from the false ceiling, and climbing through needles and also, to use my new tool. It is a new socket wrench, and the opening ceremony is to open the nut of the ventilation fan. ha ha. The new socket wrench is really smooth and very shiok. and the more shiok is that is cost only $12.50, and it is made in Japan. it is also auto eject, so I don't have to use a screwdriver to force eject the socket.

After taking down the ventilation fan motor, we have to strip it down, and send for repair. And it is only the motor that have to be sent for repair.

Well, this is it, I guess.

Well I hope Edmond will get well soon, and hopefully, he will be back to work after chinese new year.


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