Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Braked for selfish person

Last Saturday, I had to do a lot of chores, and one of the most tedious job, is to sell of some of my scrap metal.

Photo taken from other sideThis is one of the most difficult stuff, because I have to cycle with a lot of scrap metals with me. And since it is a very far place, to somewhere in Senoko, I took the second bicycle, and move on.

At one junction, I was so disgusted with one very selfish and inconsiderate person, who look for free parking. In the middle of the pedestrian road. If I was cycling in my best bike, cruising away, I reall have to stop for this guy. As I got off, and have to navigate my bicycle to the middle of the road, because the grassland is really dangerous with the water ponding there.

After I got to the other side, there are two cyclist stopping down just to carry the bicycle to the other side of the road.

Photo taken from one side of the roadFeeling very disgust about his way, I took a snap of his vehicle, and post it online.
I do not send it to the traffic police for this, even though he have committed an offence, since there is a no parking sign there. There is a huge carpark just across the road, and he seems to be lazy to go there to park his gigantic vehicle.

Anyway, I have heard my friend said that to report such a driver, one have to take down the whole description, and make time available to attend court session, and fill up a lot of forms. As with all this hussle, it would really deter people from reporting the inconsiderate drivers.

License Plate Sometime, I really wonder, traffic police have been giving rewards, to good driver, how come they don't give punishment to rude drivers? Anyway, I believe the traffic police have been doing a very great job in helping to keep the traffic smooth and running on the road.

Last word is I hope this driver park there often, as a chinese saying goes, Climb mountain more, and you will meet a tiger. I hope the traffic police will give him a huge summon for this, causing us pedestrian to choose a dangerous alternatives, to walk to the middle of the road, just to avoid his big truck.


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