Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year

Aircon ductLast week, when I opened one of the air con diffuser, I really got a shock of my life. It was stained with all the moulds. Sometime, I just couldn't believe what I am seeing when I do my work sometime. Anyway, it is new year now, so I should not be bother with these kinda things.

This year is a bit sad, because of words that xiao lan said. In the fit of anger, I threw and kicked a stuff, and that really made me sad. This is because on that day, it is the eve of the new years eve, and there are fireworks. I thought she likes firework, and I called her out. Sometime I really wonder what is the reason behind, that I can't seems to make her talk. Anyway, we missed the firework because of this, and I a feeling a bit of a disappointment, because I likw to watch the firework too.

Chinese new year, in Singapore, is the only two days, where every chinese shops are closed, and even the multinational shop Fairprice, also closed for the days. It is the day where everyone stop working, and goes visiting relatives. Most of the people would choose a late shopping, because it is only near to new years eve, would the shop slash their price to get rid of the stocks.

Chinese New year Eve SunsetAs I took a train on chinese new years eve, I managed to take a picture of a sunset, on the new years eve, and it really is beautiful.

If a person is indecisive, it really is hard to work things out. This is like my work sometime, because the upper management, do not know what he want, and after making a decision, he changed his mind, and then again. Duh.


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