Monday, April 23, 2007

Over-stretched worker Vs Over-Demand boss

Last week, I found out that my former workplace is outsourcing their maintenance department.

Out of curiousity, I give a ring to one of my former colleague. He told me that last thursday, one of the senior technician, who have with there for 16 year, give a punch on the boss face. This is very disturbing, but it is expected.

My former workplace is like every technician's nightmare. With over-stretched timetable, and a very demanding job that required very high skill, but pays little. no wonder the boss had a punch on the face. When I went to the workplace to understand and judge myself, most of the tenants actually pity the maintenance there. And not forgetting, the witness. Because there are some other people on the spot, and witness the whole event. The technician have a problem, and have tried his best with 2 other technicians. And when he went to consult the boss, and requires help, the unsupportive boss shouts at him and stand close to him, not showing a little piece of respect. In a fit of anger, he give a punch to the boss, and police were called immediately.

In my point of view, I think the boss is too much, because we have only 5 people, and with two on morning shift, one in afternoon shift, and one at night shift, and one off, no wonder it will make everyone angry. This is because ideally, a maintenance should be made up of two in one team, so that when one is in trouble, another can help out.

In this round, I would like people to know what kind of an environemtn I uses to be working in last time, which made me quits.

This maintenance room is situated next to the electrical switch room, and the chiller plant room. As everyone knows it, a chiller plant roon is a hot and noisy enviroment. and can you imagine how badly a person can be exposing to high heat and radiation from the switch room?

With Air-conditioning waiting for a year, it have never come. And the worse part is that when the fire alarm rings in this place, the technicians, who are inside this so called maintenance room, never gets to hears it. This is a dangerous scenario, because it have happened before, where the technician was sitting inside, and the fire alarm gives off. The technician who is sitting inside have absolutely no idea that the fire alarm have rang off, until one of the tenant gives a call to the technician's handphone. By this time, 30 minutes have passed. Would you believe how many people would have died because of the location fo the maintenance room?

And speaking of fire safety manager, sometime, we really wonders is he really a fire safety manager. This is because every now and then, he emphasize about fire safety, but given the location fo the maintenance room, I believe he have not thought about fire safety. I remembered that there is a time, where there is a smoke detector faulty, and we have to trace every detector, because we suspect the led may be out. we tried to trigger ever point, but cannot find the detector. At this time, the boss never mentions about the fire safety manager, until the problem went off, and he starts saying he is a fire safety manager. Even the map have cast many doubts, because some of the zones indicated on the panel does not tally with the location of the detectors. I remember there is a detector ont he first level, not easily seen by anyone. It is so high up, and blocked by some ducting that locating them without experience is impossible.

Everytime or everything we do requires money. And claiming money is difficult, because the boss is very stingy. he wish to save money here and there, and this fits in perfectly, A penny wise, a pound foolish. By not giving money to people at the bottom, everyone is not working happily, and would drag a defect as long as possible, because there is no money to pay for it.


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