Sunday, March 27, 2011

Adelaide 2011 Day 2 Victoria Harbour, Grenelg Beach, Oyster Shop

Port Adelaide

Second day, it is a Sunday. On every Sunday, only one market is open on Sunday and closed on the rest of the day. Sunday market in Port Adelaide.

When I was here 2 years ago, The fisherman’s market was closed, so I did not get to see how it looks like. This time round, I am going to see how it looks like.

Early morning, it is home cooked breakfast. The Garlic bread from yesterday’s lunch in Mawson Lake, and some eggs. After leaving Bokku at home, we start on our way. Before we leave, we took a picture around the Picadilly and it was a quiet morning with cool breeze and shady sun.

As we went to the street, I noted a hotel called Royal Oak Hotel just outside the road. It serves breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday. So since it is a Sunday, we decided to check it out and have a big breakfast there. The breakfast is classic breakfast, comes with some mushroom, hashbrown, garlic bread, bacon, sausages, tomato and one of the thing that I get it for darling which she never eat before: Poached Egg.

The poached egg is the most difficult egg to make, and she have never ate before. It is hard outside, runny yolk on the inside. Darling was so happy eating it. And of course, I love it too. It is really better than the other restaurant that I ate before. This bar serves not only serves Breakfast, it also serves beers and wine. It is quite crowded with people marrying around on the Sunday morning. Everyone is happy in this place.

Rundle Mall

After the hearty breakfast, We went to take a bus and goes into the city. It is really a long long wait. We went to the rundle mall, to walk all the way straight and because I need to check on the data access for the sim card that I bought. We took some pictures with the brass looking piggies that is so cute around the place. And also we went to take a look at some of the flowers. Walking straight, we saw a real huge scenery that overlook the residential area. It is huge.

Later, we went to the rundle mall tram station and while waiting for the tram, I suddenly realized that I am suppose to take a train instead of the tram. Cos We are suppose to go to Port Adelaide. Haha, my leg really almost folled me to go to the beach. I only realized it when the tram arrived. Haha. We went straight to the Adelaide Railway Station. This is the heart of the railway lines where it connects everywhere in Adelaide. We wait for the train that goes to port Adelaide. In the train, we met some guys who are going to the port Adelaide too. And they are from other capital such a Melbourne, and antoher place which I din know where. Although we met on the train, but we never go the same way, cos we went in another direction. Along the way, I saw it. A standalone KFC restaurant. Wow, I loves KFC, but we are not here to eat this. We are so going to port Adelaide. Along the way, we also passes through the cheesecake shop. It is called The Cheesecake Shop: Made with love. I loves strawberry cheesecake but we did not buy it because it is really huge size and we have to buy either whole or half. They dun sell in slice, only the original cheese cake is sold in slice. After taking a look, we continued along and passes a shop with a pony. Aww… it is so huge, I dunno how to get it back even if I do buy it. So we continues and passes the town hall, a statue laided by R.H.Smith, mayor of Port Adelaide on 8th November 1918.

Port Adelaide

After walking for a long distance, we finally reached. Port Adelaide. We see the seagulls for the first time since we got here. They walk around looking for food. Darling went with me to the light tower which the port Adelaide is famous for. We climbed the tall and narrow staircase, and on top, it is the view of Port Adelaide. Took lots of photo with darling and none other than Mr Xiao Lao Shu.

After the lighthouse, we went to the Fishermen’s wharves. This is like the Singapore’s version of “bail u tan” except that their do not put the merchandise on the floor. Instead, they put it on the table and some are hung up like the Mr banana. Yeah. We stop by a museum which is very classic, showing the old history of Australia. Many jewellaries and tea set of the old Australia. We took a picture with one of the volunteer of the Woodville Historical Society and wrote a note in the guest book.

After the walk, darling went to get the mini donuts. Yum yum. And on top of it, it is a hot chocolate. Double yum yum. While we eats, a ship docks and people who boarded the ship earlier to went out to see the dolphins step out and walking away from the Prt Adelaide. After the mini donut, we went to board the train back. Along the way, I realize that there is not many soil around, but some old wood pieces. And among the wood piece, there are flowers surviving. Guess perhaps that is why there are not many dust flying around.

We saw the teletubies, Railway museum, And then the Cheesecake shop. We got a cheesecake from cheesecake shop and then get a sweet potato fries from KFC. Yup sweet potato fries. It is something that never seen before. Quite full after eating it. Later we went to board the train back to the railway station. While waiting for the train, we take some photos. And on the way back, I hope the sun doesn’t set down too fast. Went to grab the tram and go to the place that I wanted to go for many years: Grenelg beach. Yup. It is a nice beach with a beautiful seaside. Get to see the sun set as what I wishes many years ago. Yup The sun sets slowly and as the sun set in the horizon, time seems to fly slow, and I later went to get something that I did not managed to bring back. I got a bigger bottle. Woohoo. And fill up the bottle with the seawater and sand from the beach. Haha. Been wanting to do it for a long time. Darling want to drink it as well.

Oyster shop

Yup., the main event of the day. It is none other than the Oyster shop. They are having the promotion of A$15 for a dozen of fresh suckled oysters. This is one of the best oyster shop which is cheap and good. The barramudi fillet is unbelievable. And after the fresh oysters, we get the Kilpatrick which is oysters with bacon and sauce, and fried oysters. Have a wonderful dinner till very full. The barramudi is certainly fresh, juicy and tender so much it is definately panfried to perfection. the meat is not so hard and it is so soft, it just melts in the mouth. Darling loves it a lot too.

After that, we passes by an ice cream shop called Royal Copenhagen. Yup it is like hagen daz and it have a lot of variety of ice cream. What caught our attention is the slogan on the roof. It says:”I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream!” This is what caught our attention so we went to this ice cream shop although there are a lot of ice cream shops around. It have free toppings and can do our own toppings with chocolate chips, fudge, peanuts. We eat the ice cream while waiting for the tram to arrive.

It is quite late, we still want to go to one place called Adelaide Entertainment center. It is the other end of the line for the grenelg tram.On the tram there is a security on the tram, probably she is around at night tram. We drop off and look at the Adelaide Entertainment Center. It is just like a theatre center but as there is no event on that day, we just stayed and wait for the tram to start. When the tram started, we went back to the Adelaide Railway Center and went back to the apartment for a good night rest. Phew… it was chilly today. Yup. tomorrow, 28th March, is the big day for me......


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