Sunday, November 22, 2009

Geocities closed

Alamak, it have been a really long time since I come online. hmm.... When I was online and came to read the blog, I just realised that the web hosting geocities have been closed. Oh NO~! All my data haven bring out wo.

Should have make a backup. Hmm... now where can I store the data if I need to use it online wo.

So fast time flies and it is 2 months that I came in.

So much things have happened and I am quite tired. With the never ending of wake up, work, go home tired, study, sleep.

This lifestyle is not for me, but there seems to be no choice.

LG X120

I got an LG x120 some times ago and it is really a disappointment for the netbook, cos it is heavy and bulky. And the matter is the graphic is slow, and I somehow dun't like the white colour, cos it is easily dirty. and then I sell it off in the ebay and got myself another netbook, S10-2.

Lenovo S10-2

This netbook is nice. and it is bought from the ebay as well. A real brand new netbook selling at a lower price.

So now, with the new netbook, I seems to have the whole complete sets of Lenovo products. The Lenovo Desktop 3000J, The laptop G450, and netbook S10-2.

Lenovo products are very promissing. When I use the netbook as what I do with the LG, lenovo netbook seems to perform better and faster than the LG netbook.

The netbook is somply for my study and surfing net. and sometime, to watch show on it., Whereas the laptop is connected with the viewsonic monitor and use it to go online.

As for the desktop, it is simply to do all the database and storing all the datas and playing games.

What else can I ask for more?

I still do not have any confident in the HP product after the very bad experience with the laptop and PDA. Thus, when I go look for the computer stuff, HP and compaq products are a totally out of the list, no matter how low the price goes.


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