Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday with Neko chan and Kong kong.

19th June

Yippy, this day it is my birthday today, and this year is different from the rest of the year. This is because today, there is someone who celebrate with me.

Was thinking what to do on Friday, then neko chan said she have taken a day leave. Hmm… I also took a day leave off, and thus, she accompany me for the whole day there.

Have to thank Keith for the night before, because he accompanied me to go to Katong to buy a shoe which I need it a lot. And after that, treat me for dinner. Yum yum. After the dinner, I hop on the first bus that could bring me to the nearest MRT station. And realized that the bus that I took brought me to a very long journey. And this leads me to a place where there is this teochew porridge. Took a note of it, and thinking it reminds me of something. And after a few moment, found that neko chan like teochew porridge. Hmm…. I also like to eat porridge one. And then after a few distance, passed by another twochew porridge.

Next day, when neko chan was thinking what to eat for breakfast, I suggested to her to eat the porridge in this paya lebar. When reached paya pebar, found out that this entrance was closed, and thus, I have to go a big round, under the hot sun with Neko san to the twochew porridge. Hee hee. Quite worried about it, because did not see the signboard from after. But in the end, I still managed to find it. Hmm…. It is very the empty in the day time, totally different from the way I look at it at night.

When we went to the porridge shop, got the porridge with salt egg, kang kong, water cress, sting ray and my favorite asari. Hmm… it is not the Japanese asari, but it is normal one, perhaps there is somewhere where we can get a local asari here in Singapore.

Afetr the porridge, went to the Clarke quay for KTV. Hmm… it is quite fun and neko chan gave me a big surprise wo. It is the birthday gift, and it is really a big surprise, because she found the stuff that I have been looking for last time. And she never wanna tell me about it. All the while I thought she have no idea of what to get for my birthday. It is the cute little monkey that I found it in Melbourne. Hmm… The monkey is something that can sing and clap his hand. And it is my regret of not getting it in Melbourne wo.

Somehow Neko chan found the monkey and got it for me as a birthday present. Hmm… I enjoyed the whole KTV and with the monkey too. We name the monkey Kong Kong. Cos it is so cute name wo.

During the KTV, hmm…. My throat is not very good. So did not managed to sing much, ahem. Even the red sun was not so good.

After the KTV, brought her to a restaurant by the beach. And have a dinner there. The chocolate fondue cake, is something that is like a signature dish of the restaurant, and it is not even in the menu, unless special request for it. We have a nice dinner and a short chat, and then went home after that.

At first, thought of spending the whole night with neko chan, hmm… but was thinking that her parents might be worried, so did not stayed long. Well, I am very happy today, and just wanna say

"Neko chan, you are wonderful wo. *muack*. Thanks for the wonderful day and night and the cute little kong kong. Love ya!"

Thanks for the birthday wish from all my friends in Facebook today wo.

Two cakes this year

This year, there are two cakes wo. Hmm… one is all thanks to shu shu, who is my friend in my workplace. Hmm… She got me a birthday cake. And it is a mango cake wo. Hmm. Did not epect her to get me a cake, but all thanks to the fact that I overslept in the train on Thursday. And after that, got to the station late, and shu shu was there, and passed me the cake cake. Haih, if I know there is a cake, I would not have order the during cake few days ago.

This year’s father day cake is quite ex. Hmm… all because of the fact that I wanted a nice design, and only a huge 20cm cake can make a good design one. Hmm…. Next time, I gotta remind myself to get the durian cake form the four season cake. Looks cheap and simple. Haih.


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