Sunday, June 07, 2009

Project BA and SS trial run

Went for a trial run yesterday night for project BA and SS.

Went along without neko chan. Cos I wanna know my real assessment, and how it goes about after 2 months of practicing. Neko chan is also not feeling well, so did not ask her to go.

At 7, no one. at 8, no one. at 9, no one at 10. Full house wo~!

SS with some people, and found out one usual thing; timing. The timing is always wrong. then one person complain that I threw her off balancing.

Change style is slow, fixed and boring. One of them comment the change style is horrible. Hmm.... I am not taking it as a rejection, but a good pointers to improve on it. darn hard. I know what are my real problems, and perhaps, I can point this out when I practice with Yuki chan.

Project BA. Got with two people and one is really very noisy, but I know, the person who practice with me will never get a chance to find out about this in my blog here. Wow, she is probably exp 9,999 wo. whereas I am only exp 160. haha.

The person who I practice BA with, gave many comment, and then realise she is a very professional person who the organiser clear the space for her and another guy in one session. hmm...

The second comment the change style is too abrupt and disorientated. hmm....

Am I that lousy??

But I am glad that I met these people who will tell me my mistakes straight out. and I do not take it as a negative remark, but a honest opinion.

Looks like Yuki chan will be very busy on monday when I tell her my experience. haha.

Why the trial run

I did the trial run yesterday because I want to know the real performance rating of my progress. This is because I have been suspecting a lot in the change style and some moves. Then when one person whom I practice with told me my big mistake is in the timing on last tuesday, I want to know what else is my problem.

Main purpose: I wish to give a good leading to Neko chan =P (I am serious)

Project SS is much more difficult in Project BA, because the timing for Ss is harder to synchronise. somemore, after the turning, the orientation is confused, and have to reset the timing back. Which is harder to synchronise back with the girl side.


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