Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Visit to Liang Court

Liang Court in Clarke Quay

Yesterday, Went to Liang court. and It is really changed a lot wo. Must have been ages since I went to Liang Court. The last time I went is to go to Meidiya to get that Sazae.

The liang court now is so much spacious, but the signboard is really not helpful at all especially the one in the lift. I want to go to the Partyworld KTv, but don't know where wo.

Anyway, was interested in singing on that day, but the standard booking time slot is 4 hours. and it cost around $50++ Duh.

In the end, have to change plan with my friend to go to starbuck. Hmm... In the starbuck, there are a lot of Japanese there, perhaps because Liang court is near to the Japanese residence bah. with the supermarket like Meidi-ya.

The ambient is quite nice. And In one time, I saw Goto san walking in Meidi-ya too. but too bad, I cannot be certain for sure if it is her. And furthermore, she and her husband is very far away.

Sake Toro

I have not had this for a long time. And it really taste wonderful. Wow, the slicky oil of the Sake, and softness of the meat. Watashi Daisuki. The one who go with me, also like it. Basically, the Sake Toro is the most tasty of the whole Sake. That is why, it is highly priced at $108 per KG. but I still love it.


I was trying to access to a photo in internet, and suddenly realised that I have aso much photos lying in the internet wo. Furthermore they are spread around among 6 internet portal. Haih. I was trying to search for one naval open house, but never be able to find it...

Navy Exhibition

The person who went with me to the Navy exhibition have disappeared, but well, there is only one photo we took, which escaped deletion from the hard drive cleanout. I remember it was fun, but was angry then, because of soemthing she did. The most enjoyable is the one where we went into a ship and got onto a speed boat and sail out to the open sea and return back. And get to see a lot of Navy Ships too. Haih, it was May 2007...... 4 months later, we were no longer together.


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