Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinner in swenson


It have been a long time since I went to swensons. hee hee, was craving for it, and then, feels that the spring chicken is really very tempting de lor.
I have not been to swensons since 24th November 2008, the day I returned from Australia. Aw...

Anyway, the chicken is really tender, but I still dislike the taste of the chicken breast. so dry. Maybe next time I try other dish. Came to think of it, is it really possible, for one guy to gobble up the whole earthquake after eating the main course?

hee hee. Go figure.

I still like Sticky chewy chocolate. Thanks for the two scoops of sticky chewy chocolate. yum yum.


Lately, I have a big problem in one unit, and it is very frustrating sometime, cos cockroaches would pop out from dunno where, and crawl around the toilet in one unit. I went in, trying hard to locate the entry poinbt, but it is really hard wo.

I cleared the room of cockroaches by spraying the insecticide, and then, I close the door. The next day, cockroaches appear from dunno where. Aiyoh, all the water trap have the water seal, and the toilet bowl. where could be the point of entry be??
It is really really hard to figure out. Shall we purchase a camera recorder and see where they come from? Maybe a auto targeting machine gun like those used for the alien killing in the movie Alien 2

Kill the cockroaches. dun care how.

But I have been scratching hard where do they come from wo?

Water leaking is another stupid problem that never ceased to end...

Xiao Lao Shu Birthday

Around 25th April, it is Xiao Lao Shu birthday...

Why why I never get the date right wo.
But Xiao Lao shu Birthday is somewhere there.
I am so sorry that this year the cake is smaller, but it is your favourite cake, and I just so sorry I forgot your exact birthday date.

Last year, it is the starbuck Oreo Cheese cake. This year, it is the banana chocolate.....Happy Birthday to you, XLS~!


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