Wednesday, April 22, 2009

25th April 2009 Sakuranbo Project


25th April, it is the Sakuranbo project. Woohoo. so looking forward to it. Last time, I did not get it right because I am not in a happy mood. This Saturday, I must think of something to make me cheer up. Then, I can execute the Sakuranbo successfully.

Funabiki san 's comment.

I was striked down by one of the conversation by Funabiki san's comment today and it is a real "asking for trouble" question today.

During the course of conversation, This is how it goes

Me: Funabiki chan koibito arimasu ka.
Funabiki: Hai moichiron. Doshite ka.
Me: Ano ne, Funabiki chan wa kawaii desu ne. Koibito ga omoimasu ne.
Funabiki: stephen san, kimi koibito arimasu ka.
Me: Iie, mata koibito desu. Kanashii ne.
Funabiki: Do shite desu ka?
Me: Wakaranai desu. Itsumo boku ga, kono mondai o kikimasu.
Funabiki:demo, kimi zenbu wakata iru yo.
Me: Eee.. to. . .watashi wakaranai desu ne. demo boku ganbarimsu.

Got hang by a question that is suppose to be a compliment,
but ended up embarrassing myself.

Next time, I must choose the right topic, but Funabiki chan is really pretty one, wonder what is her facebook address, perhaps can get it from funabiki chan one day. Then on that day onwards, there will be a real japanese in my facebook profile. ha ha.


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