Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sleepless night...Happy Morning

New front suspension

Today it is finally done, something that I have always wanted to do it for a long long time.
After the second time that I fell down with the second bicycle, I made a decision to sell it off, or at least, trade it for another bicycle.

After thinking of whether to buy a new bicycle or not, I changed it to sell off the second bicycle, and trade it for a new suspension for the first bicycle. The old suspension have been with it for many years, since don’t know when. The new suspension is a more heavy duty, but more lighter. Much lighter than the old suspension. Cycle half way and noticed a huge dark cloud approaching from the North. Tried to fasten it up, and when I reached the shop, I first look around the shop, and spotted two suspension. It is made of different material and cost $30 paart. The steel is very thick, an it have a lockout button to disable the suspension if it is not in use.

When the guy opened up the old suspension, I am very surprised it is so heavy. Did I uses that suspension for a long time and not known the weight? I thought it was the wheel that is bringing the weight.

And after a new suspension is inserted, the bicycle feels lighter than before. Was cycling halfway, and then it rained heavily. Duh~. Lucky there is a coffee shop around.

Sleepless night

Lately, I wqas experiencing some sleepless night. Hmm… am I caught up with loss of sleep. Hmm…. How did it happened wo? Could it be stress? Hmm…. Was checking the whole body system and finds there is something wrong with the rhythm of the heart. I was reminded of one medical test made some weeks ago. Should I do another test just to verify??

Happy Morning

Meet up with someone this morning at 7 for breakfast. Very happy de lor. but miscalculated the bus arrival timing. Duh~ But the breakfast taste really good.

If only the bus arrive on time, it would be perfect.

Sorry if I drag your time. . .


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