Monday, March 30, 2009

Mental Torment today on way home.

The most terrible time, it is here today

Haih, nothing can describe it more than the mind torment.

Everyone who works with me knows that I cannot work without the Bluetooth. Today, I was repairing the fountain, and it is although raining cats and dogs, I persist to continue with the canvas over me. And guess what, the Bluetooth dropped into the water. OH~! No~! my one and only Bluetooth dropped in the water~! I quickly pick it up, and it was shorted. And then, I quickly bring it to my ofc table and turn on the heat light to dry it.

Hmm…. Did not manage to get it working. Dead. Die liao. The living survivor kit is dead.

While on the train home, I was searching for the MP5 player. OH~!!!! I did not bring it with me~!

And my mind was very tired, and dun feel like sleeping cos of the Hot chocolate that I had earlier. It does have some effect on me, but it is mild. Cannot get to sleep on the train.

55 minutes journey, no music, no movies, no books. It is a total mental torture……


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