Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Focus on MB

Today my mood is quite bad in the morning. I can understand people’s intention, but I just couldn’t resist the way he put it into words. Like isolating me from Building A and Building B.

Ever since I was transferred to MB, a lot of status on building A is not made known to me. I was getting lost touch of the system. This morning, there is a electrical troubleshooting, and it involves a upper level electrical circuit. Upper level electrical circuit refers to the line direcly below the Bus bar junction box.

During the testing, while I was arranging the emails and schedule, the aircon alarm came on. I look at it and see that it is off. Calling out to the officer about the shutting down, because it may affect the performance of the building. The officer reply was they are doing the testing, and telling me to stay inside the office. Hmm…This is like really voicing out. Anyway, after that, I dun even wanna tell them whether they need any help. After the boss came in, all the troubleshooting stopped. I also concentrate on my work, and arrange the day’s work.

On the way to MB, I feels that maybe he have the intention that I should be concentrating on MB, instead of A and B. Thus, when I reached there, started out my work. During the course, can hear that there is a lot of conversation around on the troubleshooting on both building A and B. For MB, it also have a power trip today. And it is a RCCB. And thankfully, the RCCB is a live earth shorted. So it is not too bad. If it is earth neutral short, then it is going to be a big problem.

I check with my friend on what is the problem, and he uses the RCCB as a testing device. Oh DUH~! Why everyone uses RCCB as a testing tool wo. Over the years, I never like to use RCCB as a testing tool. For those who do not know, RCCB is Residue Current Circuit Breaker. It is a protection device and if it is used until faulty, it can trigger a upper level, and eventually, it may reach the consumer switch room. I found the pattern on the tripping, and follow the wires as it is mentioned in the drawing. On that place, found the circuit, and disconnected the wires. After that, use a multimeter to check the wiring circuit.

The needle was pointing up and down, and we dismantle the fittings one by one, until we reached one fitting. Duh~ no ground wire. Taking another wire and connect the ground wire, I uses the meter to test again. Yup. Confirmed shorted, as the needle goes up and stopped. After removed this fitting, we went down to turn back the circuit. Yup. After the troublemaker is removed, the RCCB never trip. We dismantle everything apart, and found that one of the coil is shorted, and thus, give back my friend and tell him to change that part. And it is none other than the vulnerable electric ballast.

With a multimeter, 10 minutes, the problem is solved.

Multimeter are a very handy tool, there are analog type and digital type. I prefer analog to look for short. This is because once the needle moves, instantly, we can see the shorted. But if comes to reading, I would still prefer the digital type, especially fluke multimeter. It instantly convert the units and shows reading rapidly.

And there is a type of meter too, that can capture the shorted condition. And it is a real expensive meter. It can capture the peak of the current and the condition moments before the power is cut off by the breaker. However, this meter cannot detect resistance.

Fountain final resort

For many days, we cannot get this fountain in the courtyard to operate at optimum performance. Thus, my friend and I have reached the point of the last stand. Cement all broken holes in one day and dry it. This is gonna cost huge, but it is really something that is inevitable. Ever since the fountain faulty, people are moving out of MB. it seems that feng shui have a part to it. Judging by the pattern, if one day, the big shot come to MB and see the condition of the fountain and relates it to the loss of residence, Everyone's head will be on the line.

So tomorrow, by hook or by crook, we need to patch up the holes immediately before the big shot realise what is going on.

Anyway, it is a pain in my eye too. And due to the confidentiality, the fountain photo cannot be posted online. I have repaired fountain in building A and B before, because it is a simple equation of volume over pressure over area. Guess what, the fluid most simplest equation "Pressure = Volume * Area" exists everywhere as long as there is pipelines. People who study thermofluid should not throw this away. very simple to use.


Sometime, I was thinking, if I have so much electrical knowledge, why should I still be going to the manufacturing line? Sometime just wish to go back to industrial engineering line, but the current circumstance held me back. . .


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