Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fire Drill today......Whole day under hot hot sun.

Fire Drill

Today is the day of the most exciting day. Fire Drill. And we are talking about REAL BIG fire drill. Hmm…. It is some sort of a test, to check whether are we able to cope in the event of real fire. As everyone know, fire can grow extremely large in matters of 3 minutes, and then grow big to overcome a human in matter of 8 minutes. Before the fire team arrive, I was to do fire fighting with other members so as to contain the fire situation to stop it from spreading and extinguish it if possible.

Thank GOD it is a sunny day today and not a raining day. else big problem with wet suits.

Lucky that this round, there is no casualty to carry, else real heavy wo. In Singapore, most commercial building have to have a certified fire fighter, so that the person who is in charge of the building knows what to do in the event when fire breaks out. Well, morning did three scenario, which is electrical equipment on fire, Cooker hood on fire and fire explode. Duh. The suit is quite easy to wear, but it is the insulation that keep the body heat. Insulation on the clothing is good to protect the fighter from heat, but it helps to keep the body heat too. So when wearing it for 30 minutes, really sweat a lot. And it smells.

Anyway, in the morning it was fire drill with hose reel, and in the afternoon, it is fire drill with fire extinguisher and wet riser. This is to test whether the person is competent in laying out the rubber hose and keeping it within a certain amount of minutes. Imagine, you have to put on the shirt, legging, boot, glove, helmet, facemask and gas tank in under 1 minutes. And then, have to grab the rubber hose, lay out, and install the plug and then fire the jet of water. So tiring. And team work is really very important. And it is most common that the one who shout the loudest will be the leader. Good thing I passed again. Yippy. It is worth the hard work.

Funny thing in the afternoon is that when using the fire extinguisher, there are some unfinished fire extinguisher. Then took the rest and spray all around the floor. This creates a snowy floor, and everyone who is in the way become white because of the powder. Duh, It feels good to be able to press something that no one dares to touch. Cos each time the lever is pressed, money is gone.

Oh, the Civil Defense are here with the fire engine and ambulance too, in case things got out of control.

Thanks to those who joined me in the exercise and the Civil Defense people today.
Really is heavy to carry that tank and the hot steaming suit. Even putting on the face mask requires a trained technique.

Face mask with Gas tank

Everyone think a face mask with the gas tank is easy to operate. Actually there are a lot of things to check before putting it on. It is to protect the person from inhaling the thick smoke caused by the fire. Without it, people can die, because the smoke have taken up the oxygen. So the Gas tank has to be used. Nearly choked because the plug doesn’t come out and the air valve closed. But it is a very valuable lesson today, cos if the plug doesn’t come out, just plug it in again and redo. Thank you Jesus for the sudden inspiration. Else might be choking and collapse. So don’t ever operate the face mask with the gas tank without proper training.

Get to keep my fire fighting certificate again. Yippy. If fail, it will be revoke and go for re-course. :P

Foam Fire Fighting

this book I find it quite useful. It speaks about foam fire fighting, and the other various technique such as how to spray the water, how ti use the fire extinguisher and hot to stop many scenario of fire before it escalates.


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