Sunday, March 08, 2009

KTV on 7th MArch

It have been a long long time since I went to the KTV. hmm.... after so long time of studying, I decided to take a break yesterday and joined a group into the KTV.

Thanks to Paul and Jonathon for organizing it.

I guess it must have been a long long time since I went to KTV. I actually planned to sing one sone by Ayumi, Rainbow...... But after searching and searching, there is no Rainbow in the song list. But anyway, managed to sing "Together when" as a replacement. The last time I sang it is "Carol" and this time, "Together when" is easier to sing. It is actually a sad love song one. hmm.... Then saw the title "moments" and "To be" thought of singing all of ayumi, but think won't have enough time to sing other songs, so only leave it to "Together When" Pity, there is no hiragana on the kanji, cos found there is two words, that is repeated, but dunno how to prounce it. Anyway, sang Zhang hui mei's "Remember" and I remembered of someone. . . .

That someone is someone whom I am close with, and was suddenly feel sad, because it is the last song that I sang with a person whom I am very close with. No longer in town, and she is married liao. just feel so sad that destiny doesn't exist between us. What's left now is Memory. That's all. Lucky the lights is dim in the room. hee hee

I was puzzled that the KTV do not have Aikawa Nanase's songs in the list. hmm.... how come wo? Aikawa is the rock queen wo. And suppose to have her sone to, else I would be singing "Ima de mo" and it is one song that I like. Or maybe "Paradox" too. hmm.... anyway, now over liao. so have to wait for the next time to sing KTV then.

Just one of these days, I hope I can get KTV version of Ayumi from Japan. hmm.... maybe I can ask any Japanese who will be going back to japan, and ask then to buy back for me. Cos most of the Albums are in Japan.

Adelaide, Australia

I was browsing the photos and caught hold of one picture. Grenelg beach...... I miss it so much. I bet it is fully packed now because it is hot summer now. The last time I went there, it is a chilling weather of 12 degree. Now must be super hot now.

And speaking of Grenelg beach, we talk about Oyster shop and the tram. and the ice cream there. The ice cream must be a hot seller now too.

Adelaide is a great place, because everything is slow. And it is lovely beach. with the horizon. and people fishing can fish out a lot of fish and squid. Oyster shop. Oh how I miss it, cos it is simply delicious and the barramudi fish and chip.

Everyone is so friendly, and greets the bus driver. I bet it doesn't exist here in Sg, where the passengers ignore the bus driver who greets them. and rarely you will see people bid "Thanks mate" when leaving the bus in Sg.

I hope I can go to Adelaide again, and then to Gold coast. or even Darwin. hmm.... As for Melbourne, I have one one regret is that I did not managed to go to the Victoria Market, as I woke up late. But I managed to get to South Melbourne Market and St Kilda Beach. hmm... How many years later, can I go back to Melbourne again.

Remembered that I was feeling very sad with Mr Xiao Lao Shu when leaving Melbourne......


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