Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blackout at home
Today, there is a short circuit at home today. Hmm… It have been a long long time since my house have a short circuit.

Anyway, after checking, found out one thing at home is faulty liao. It is the core electrical function device at home that causes it. The Power stabilizer. Oh gosh. We are now running electrical power at unstable rate now. Cham cham. It is red alert to get the replacement fast.

The power stabilizer is the core electrical equipment because it stabilize the power current, and reduce the wastage of unused current at home. It is something that this home cannot do without it. The theory goes like the electrical current from outside comes in at unstable rate. Meaning it can be 237.6VAC, or 324VAC. During the spike, some of the electrical can go to waste. And the function of the stabilizer is to keep the current at 235.0VAC no more and no less. It acts with the principle of the capacitor, and stores electrical spike and release during the downstream frequency.

Without this, electrical bill can be quite high as some electrical goes to waste. Why does everything have to spoilt at this time when I was busy preparing for the exam? Why huh?


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