Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kirei Vs Karai

Made a booboo today. oh gosh, dunno will get complain or not.

I was in one house, where there is a dog. And are dogs always hate me? how come they always bark at me wo?

When I reached the entrance, I can hear the tenant's dog keep on barking and barking non stop.

So I went in, and there is this black dog, so huge, like wanna jump on people type. As I was doing my thing inside for the tenant, the dog never stop barking. Until I finished, I was about to leave, I say this.

Me: Kono Inu Kirai na.
J: Hai

Then, when I went back and checked on a word, found out one thing.
I was suppose to say Kirei = nice looking
But I said to her Kirai = Stupid looking

Oh no, and what puzzling me is she even say yes. haha.
So is it she dun like the dog too? hmm....


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