Sunday, January 25, 2009

Victoria Hotel

Chinese New Year

Yup, it is the time of the year: Chinese New Year. Hmm…. Nothing feeling, probably cos body is celebrating, but mind is still on the study topic: Energy Conservation Management.


This is one of the most difficult topic, because it involves many equation. This time, it even have one topic called Degree Day. Wow. So powerful.

Refrigeration in oversea and ours are different. In SG, we are used to cooling equation. But in oversea topic, it also include one topic called reverse refrigeration.

To add to it, there is a energy audit assignment, that is about the energy usage in the industry, and to recommend ways in the implementation and to debate that it is a good way.

On top of the energy audit assignment, there is another topic called project. Which is halfway through. The project is probably one difficult topic, because it have no referencing, and everything have to prepare for it.

Red Alert 3

One of the most important stuff to do. To complete the Rising Sun campaign. Wow. This is very difficult one, because it is really very slow in constructing the base as there is a stuff called nano-core. And nano core have to find a suitable site. And when they have found it, they take time to construct the base defense. Each time after the base defense is established, the enemy would arrive and beat the hell out of me. Duh. Feel like giving up on it.

Car owning

Nowadays, I am thinking whether is it beneficial to get a car. Hmm…. I am not into getting a car, but sometime, I think it would benefit to get to the workplace faster. But I think, it is not good for the environment. And the look of getting into the squeeze with the crowd in the train makes me feel like getting a car for myself.

Train boarding

Sometime, the people who board the train in Yishun station are real puzzling. Each time I passes by the station, there would have some group of people not getting onto the train, although there are space for them to stand. And I actually get off to observe what is it that they are waiting for. Are they waiting for another train? And as the time goes by, 6 trains have passed, and these group still do not get onto the train. So I just board the next train and get off. What a waste of time wo. But I believe they may get an empty train, but the group will get bigger and the possibility of people getting on the seat may be small. Unless the fact that they grab it.

I have been wondering one thing. The news once reported that the train will arrive at every 2 minutes during the peak hour. But do they really arrive at every 2 minutes? And I thought north south is very packed, but I once boarded the east west, and it is even worst. I was stuck in Aljunied with three trains of fully packed people in it. And there is not a single space in the middle as well. Wow. I hope I can get a job near my home, so I can no need to take the train anymore. When will that be? Hmm….

Victoria Hotel

I was surfing the net and noticed one sight, that ask for comments about Victoria hotel in Melbourne. Hmmm. I added one entry, and was browsing the photos that I took before. And I noticed two pictures. It is the view out the window. I am living in one room in level 8 at that time. It is although not a best view, but on request for a good view, I was arranged to a window oversee the rialto Tower, and other buildings. It is also quiet as requested without a sound from the traffic.

Although Victoria hotel is a very old building, but they have some new furbished rooms, and I am in one of it. It is also economical, with shower facility, fridge, and an inhouse swimming pool and gym. I did get into the heated pool. And quite nice to swim in it. A pity it is not high enough. Victoria hotel is also in the city, and is very close to all the attractions in the city. I even got to go to the Melbourne Central, which have one place that my friend recommend: Donut King. And it is only until two or three days later, I realize that another donut king is also available just next to the hotel.

Really misses the Australia trip. Must save more for this year. Maybe can even go to Japan.


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