Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sotong head.

Hmm, I was eating snack today, and realized one thing. Thank you Mr Keith for searching high and low for my beloved sotong head in KL.

Wow, I was telling my friend that if he go KL, he could get me the sotong head. Well, spiced sotong head I something that doesn’t seems to exist in SG. Only Malaysia have this, because it is expensive, and hardly people would buy it in SG. I gotta ask him to get me the sotong head, and he was telling me the hardship that he goes through looking for it. Duh. If I go KL, I know where to get it. But too bad, I am having study, and thus, I cannot go with him.

Anyway, this sotong is really nice. It is a type of squid, that they dry it, and preserved with chilli and sugar. Yum yum.

Hard course in school

As for my study. It is really hard a bit, because there are a lot of theory into it. Think the most important is the calculation. During the course of study, Waraku have a promotion going on about 50% discount for the selected food. I went and have it for my dinner.

I asked for one of the promotional item, Tonpei Yaki. Hmm… It is a kind of friend egg. There is a difference betweel the Tonpei Yaki in Waraki casual dining and Waraku De Gozen. Althought they are the same name, and same owner, but the tonpei yaki in Waraku De gozen is friend egg with pork. Whereas the Tonpei Yaki in Waraku Casual Dining is Fried egg with vegetable hmm….

Anway, Get a galic rice as well, and it is really ok. The problem with the garlic rice is that the garlic is not crisp enough. Hmm…. I remember eating garlic rice in a restaurant in Raffles town club, the garlic rice is very crispy. And Nice.


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